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All natural baking mixes. Gluten grain & dairy free. Paleo & Vegan friendly. Super quick & easy to make. Dangerously delicious.

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Who is ready for Easter? Just one of the many things you can do with our chocolate mix! New Worlds and most of our retailers will have an Easter Special price on our range next month too, so go forth and fill your boots with delicious yet healthy chocolate treats! ..................... RepostBy @mybalancedbowls: "Chocolate and baking seem to make everything better for me 🍫🍩❤️ I previously asked on my ig stories if I should make choc chunk muffins or chocolate ganache donuts but in the end I combined the two! These chocolate donuts have yummy Whittaker’s dark chocolate chunks through them, then topped off with a dairy free chocolate ganache! 🙌🏻❤️ These were made using @huntergatherergourmet chocolate baking mix! Super versatile and super delicious obviously 🙌🏻"
If you want to save money and the environment, then our new jars do both. Only $30 for a jar then $20 for refills. Means each 300g mix dropped from $13.50 to $6.67. And no more plastic inner bags to try and get rid of safely. But BEST of all, they taste GREAT!!! jars only available on line at the moment. $5 shipping or over $75 free.
Who is coming to the Go Green Expo? What shall I bake for you to try?
For our recipe on how to make carrot cake with our cake mixes , see RepostBy @cleaneatsfromafilthymouth: "I heard the words ‘cream cheese icing’ the other day and haven’t stopped thinking about carrot cake since. Sure, I like the cake but that icing is the whole reason to eat it, putting anything else on top of carrot cake is just a fucking travesty and I won’t have be swayed on that verdict. I’m usually a chocolate treats or nothing kind of girl, but I’m a shameless whore for that icing, it does thingssssss to me, so I embarked on a Saturday morning baking project purely so I could eat cake for lunch. Or if I’m honest, cream cheese icing with a side of cake, and zero apologies for it! 😂. . I’m perfectly capable of making cake from scratch, but I’m lucky enough to be hoarding stockpile of @huntergatherergourmet baking mixes so I figured why make life hard for myself, the kids are currently doing an ace job of that, I’ll go with the sure thing thanks! It was as easy as one box of vanilla mix + 1.5 C grated carrot + 1/2 C walnut pieces (yes, I actually measured things for a change, check me the fuck out!). I’d also planned to add in some ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon but I totally forgot in my sleep deprived state (thanks to the small kid invading my bed and vomiting on me last night, the good times just keep coming!). Of course I only discovered the forgotten spices when the cakes were in the oven which pissed me off somewhat. But I’m a resourceful kinda gal so I repurposed it to make spiced cream cheese icing, instead and frankly, it was fucking genius! . I made a kinda healthified version of the icing, which made it totally legit to eat about half the bowl in the process right? Logic 🤷🏼‍♀️😂. For the creamy, damp knicker maker - 250 grams light cream cheese whipped with approx 4 TBL runny coconut butter to create a firm, spreadable texture + s/f maple syrup and stevia to sweeten to taste + lemon juice for tang + the forgotten ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. I didn’t measure the spices sorry, going by feel gave me more excuses to taste test until it was right, all in the name of quality of course 🐷. . . .