Hungry Harvest
We deliver produce on a mission to end food waste and hunger for 20-40% less than the average grocery store.

Hungry Harvest Reviews

I am impressed so far

Saturday, April 27 2019

I received my first Hungry Harvest mini organic produce box today! I am impressed so far! Hungry Harvest is a produce rescue. They rescue produce from farms that would otherwise be thrown out! The produce might be “ugly”, too large/small, or just a crop that was overgrown.

Everything looks fresh and appetizing!

Saturday, March 30 2019

Just received my first Hungry Harvest box. Everything looks fresh and appetizing! Can't wait to start cooking them.

I feel so happy I am helping to save produce from going to waste just because they dont look perfect.

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Reducing the 70% of the product that gets wasted

Monday, March 25 2019

I want to share a great service we’ve been using. If you hate going to the grocery store but want to eat more vegetables, I have to recommend Hungry Harvest. Here is this weeks box full of produce, and this is considered a Mini Veggie box.

We don’t waste as much food as we used to and this supports Hungry Harvest’s mission of reducing the 70% of the product that gets wasted on the US.

White asparagus is delicious

Sunday, March 24 2019

When I got white asparagus in my Hungry Harvest box this week, I knew I wanted to make a special meal for this special vegetable. I paired it with a garlic butter steak, and olives and golden breadcrumbs.

White asparagus is delicious, and thank you again to Hungry Harvest for introducing me to a new delicious vegetable!

Sunday, March 24 2019

☀️ The sun is shining and I received a perfect package from Hungry Harvest just in time for Sunday meal prep!

Well I am super excited to cook with Hungry Harvest and can’t believe what they sent me was kicked off the shelves! They look perfect to me! Hungry Harvest even provides recipes to try with each haul, which I can’t wait to make!