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We as Human Citizens are the unorthodox collective that believe in using our influence to engage & disrupt popular culture.

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Tomorrow morning we will be launching our official monthly #PayItForward initiative! It's one thing to speak on spreading peace, love and unity...but to use every possible resource that we have to help our fellow #HumanCitizens is quite another! TOMORROW, WE ASK THAT YOU JOIN US IN PROVIDING SUPPORT TO A FELLOW FOLLOWER IN IMMEDIATE NEED. Let's show the world that there is a community of people of all races, genders and religions that can come together to put humanity first, while making a positive impact on society. #UnityIsTheNewCoolChallenge #LoveIsDope #UnityIsTheNewCool *This is not a scam or get rich quick scheme; this is a community of people stepping up to help our neighbor(s) in need. #HumanCitizens
[Pound - For - Pound!] Thank you @supermansylve for sharing our message of ✌🏽 and ❤! #RemoveTheLabels because UNITY is the new 🆒️!
When doctors diagnosed @HaleyMossArt with autism at 3 years old, they told her parents she would likely never get a driver’s license, graduate from high school or work a minimum wage job. Now 24, Moss has published several books, graduated from the University of Miami School of Law and become the first openly autistic person to practice law in Florida. “It is a huge honor to be a member of the Florida Bar, and the first who is open about her autism diagnosis,” Moss tells MAKERS. “I am excited to hopefully break down barriers and to begin a broader conversation about autism.” After displaying symptoms such as being nonverbal, crying a lot and being shy as a toddler, Moss was eventually diagnosed with high functioning #autism. Doctors initially had low expectations of what Moss could achieve in her life. Despite that, her parents encouraged Moss to pursue her passion for writing and speaking. “My parents worked tirelessly with me and believed in me since day one,” the 24-year-old attorney says. “They never set limits on what I could do and always encouraged me to explore my interests, give back to others, be kind and do the best I could. I am also motivated to make a difference and show that anything is possible, especially when others say it is impossible.” So that’s exactly what Moss did — she became an outspoken activist for the #autism community, published her first book at age 15 and even spoke at her law school graduation. After being sworn into the Florida Bar in January, Moss is now a practicing attorney at Zumpano Patricios, one of the top law firms in Miami. The firm’s managing shareholder, Joseph Zumpano, the father of a child with autism, immediately knew Moss was “obviously brilliant” when they first met. He later offered her a job at the firm before she passed the bar exam. “As a core value, we wanted to be the first firm to bring in an openly autistic lawyer and make the point that if you align people to their strengths [and] then given the chance, they excel,” Zumpano told the South Florida Sun-Sentinal. “Haley has broken through this glass ceiling, and the firm is proud to be the hammer that shatters it — there’s hope for everybody.