Hu Kitchen Reviews

I absolutely love their food

Wednesday, March 20 2019

Hu Kitchen is definetely on my top five favorite restaurants list. I absolutely love their food, all paleo! I don’t eat 100% paleo since it’s way too much animal protein and way too much coconut oil in my opinion however.

It’s so healthy when you pick the right things - no added sugars, nothing processed, just real food. Plenty of plants and when done right really heals the body and is super anti-inflammatory.

Best french toast I’ve ever had

Sunday, March 17 2019

So I’m just gonna be drooling over this all day. Finally made it to Hu Kitchen and I’m so in love. Piece of advice, french toast - best I’ve ever had!

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Best chocolate ever

Sunday, March 17 2019

Best chocolate ever! It gives me a boost of clean energy and also raise my seritonin levels big time. I feel happier and my heart beats feel stronger.

Hu Kitchen, thanks for bringing such a great product! 🍫

Impeccable products

Tuesday, March 5 2019

Recently we had a small company out of NYC reach out to us about carrying their chocolate. The person who reached out for them was an old friend of the store, so while we get a million ‘our product is fantastic’ calls every week, we had a hunch that this product was the real deal.

We couldn’t have been more surprised when Hu Kitchen Chocolate showed up at our door and proved to be the very best chocolate we have ever laid our taste buds on! An incredibly ethically ran company, their chocolate is completely organic, with no dairy, no refined or cane sugar, no emulsifiers, no gluten, and ALL flavor!

They are new on the shelf, and on sale for a limited time as well! We can’t suggest Hu Chocolate enough to satisfy that chocolate craving, and as always, we prefer to work with smaller amazing companies who make impeccable products…and this is definitely one of them!

Probably had the best hour of my life

Tuesday, March 5 2019

Made my way back to Hu Kitchen this weekend and probably had the best hour of my life!

Started off the visit with their roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, and slaw. After that, I roamed around the store and brought back home their raw chocolate cake, brownie bites, cookies, sweet potato maple loaf, muffins, rolls, bagels, chicken tenders, and cookie dough almond butter truffles.

Let’s just say i’ll be stocked back at home for a while.

Definitely hits the spot.

Monday, March 4 2019

This may not be my first choice for chocolate but when you’re going gluten free and dairy free it’s a nice alternative. Plus no processed sugars! Definitely hits the spot.

Saturday, March 2 2019

My obsession with Ku Kitchen chocolate is so real. This is quality chocolate; It’s 70 cacao and uses coconut sugar for sweetness + the ingredient list is simply awesome.

My favorite is the Hazelnut butter, they also have a few other flavors too 🍫

Soooooo good!!!

Friday, March 1 2019

For the first time since my diagnosis of Celiac disease, I was able to walk into a restaurant that was completely gluten free, grain free, dairy free, etc. I felt “human” again! I ordered a customized bowl but bought these chocolates for a treat! Soooooo good!!!

Hu Kitchen truly amazes me

Saturday, February 23 2019

Hu Kitchen truly amazes me!! The way it is set up and the message behind it is everything I would want in a restaurant!

I would say I am full from this morning and the Buddha bowl I just had but my stomach will always take these desserts (snacks for me:)))

Thursday, February 21 2019

Happy almost weekend! I’m celebrating with lots of chocolate 🤩.

My absolute fave is Hu Kitchen Salty Dark 🍫.