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Slide to see the full makeup tutorial by the gorgeous @beautybyyessy 😍 Wearing our Lip Hybrid Tube ✨Chiffon✨
“WHY AM I TEMPORARILY CLOSED?” This has been the question for quite some time now, of which I’ve not really addressed. I made a decision to take a long break and close my business down for personal reasons. I’ll be completely transparent in saying that towards the end, I had lost myself and lost sight of what and whom I truly valued in my life. When you have an online business, even if you make a set hours of operation, it never really “closes”. So between hand making hundreds of products, being active on social media, answering emails/messages, shows, being a mom and a wife. Constantly being on my phone night and day. I barely had time for my husband, my family or myself. I’m very passionate about what I do. Too passionate and involved, where I give more than my all. I neglected time for my family because I was always too busy and it was stressful. However, I am so grateful for all of the blessings for the duration of my business. All of my dreams for House of Beauty came true. I am thankful for its success, for all of the people I’ve interacted with, for all the people that supported me, for the help I had gotten from my loved ones and from the super talented promoters, the makeup shows, the viral video that hit over 1 million, and most importantly.. creating with my own two hands beautiful makeup I never imagined I could. My dreams came true and I have all of you to thank for. Now.. I want to give my all to my husband, my family in the Philippines, my step kids, grand babies, and TRAVEL THE WORLD!! I want to live life and go on adventures. This is our time and they deserve ALL of me. I don’t want to take anything for granted. There’s a time and place for all things and in my heart, I know this is the best decision I have made. We are all in a good healthy place. With all this said, I hope you all understand and will continue to support me when I do return and reopen House of Beauty. Until then................ I love and miss you all. 🖤 Lyn Vargas Photo Credit: I started with this and so I shall I end it with this. ✨Midnight Lip Hybrid✨ by @permiasorella @permiasorella
Have a beautiful weekend beauties. Not only will I make an official PSA post, but I will also try to go on livestream perhaps later tonight, as to why I am closing temporarily and answer any questions. I’m thankful for the feedback from my last posts and can’t thank you enough for making me feel special. 🙏🏼 Love and miss you all so much.
Mustard anyone?? Or maybe Kill Bill 🔪 • Even though I am closed. I just had to share this video by @vesselofblood • I sooooo miss my Lip Hybrids and miss them even more when I see you all tag me in photos and videos. I can’t tell you when and if I even reopen. Though I’m wanting by next year. I miss all of you so much 💛 • Which was your absolute favorite Lip Hybrid? I would really like to know, because if or when I do reopen. I will not make as many colors as I used to. To my fellow bloggers and Instagram friends. Sending y’all love and light. Love, Lyn Vargas