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The first day of school can be exciting, scary, fun and uncertain all at the same time. Last year I created these free printables as a fun way to include a surprise treat for my kids to find at school on the first day. I also love the reminder for them to be positive and not afraid to stand out. Grab this printable at the link in my profile or stories. Also, in full disclosure, last year I made these for my kids and totally forgot to put them in their backpacks on the first day!! I didn’t realize until the day was halfway over, so I crossed out “first” and wrote “second” and threw them in the next day 😆.
😳 INFORMATION OVERLOAD 😳 It happens so slowly and over time that sometimes we don’t even notice it happening. We’ve got these devices at our fingertips that give us unlimited access to information every second of every day. It’s amazing. It’s convenient. It’s enticing. But it’s a lot. A whole lot. Do you ever find yourself thinking you need to make your kids perfect lunches for school each day, exercise 5-6 times per week, wake up an hour before anyone else in your house, eat only organic, have a screen-free house, drink celery juice, travel the world, never use plastic products of any kind, and drink a gallon of water everyday? I could go on and on and on. And I have a feeling you know exactly what I’m talking about! Are any of these things inherently wrong? Absolutely not! But are you somehow failing if you’re not doing all of them? Absolutely not! We are bombarded with information from people we trust. These people are rightfully sharing things they have implemented in their lives that have benefited them. That’s what we do. We share things that have improved our lives. But guess what?? WE’RE ALL DIFFERENT! That’s what makes us so beautiful. We all have different bodies, different minds, different environments, different passions, different parenting tactics, different struggles and different joys. So here’s your permission to acknowledge and appreciate all that knowledge at your fingertips, and simultaneously throw it all out. Trust your instinct. Do what feels right for you. Don’t feel guilty or shameful about putting your effort into the things that are important to you. Rant over. Except if you want to go watch my live 👆🏼 ... and then I’ll tell you some of the things I do that may be “against the grain of popular thinking”. You belong. You’re enough. You’re worth is infinite. You’re a badass 👊🏻. And don’t let anyone tell you any different.
BOYS ROOM REVEAL! Since moving into our new home, I’m focusing on one room at a time and finishing it top to bottom. My boys room was the first to get my attention and it’s done! I thought it would be fun to show you how it turned out and maybe give you some ideas for bedroom organization and affordable decor. See the full walk-through in my stories 👆🏼. I also linked everything I used for this room in a blog post so it’s easier to search later. I absolutely LOVE the @beddysbeds comforters we chose for the boy’s beds! It’s SO easy for them to make their beds each morning and I love the clean lines of the bed (no bunched up sheets at the bottom). You can use code HOMEGROWN20 to get 20% off your @beddysbeds order. #sharedboysroom #boysroom #roommakeover #kidsroom #decorforkids #twinbeds #kidsroomideas #kidsroominspo #bedroomdecor #sharedroom #decoratingonabudget #decoronabudget #budgetdecor #beddys #beddysbeds
Taking kids to swim at the pool is a great way to spend those hot summer days. But it can also be a little overwhelming and chaotic. We spend a ton of time at our neighborhood pool in the summer and I am sharing my top 5 swimming tips with you. 1. Have your pool bag ready to go 2. Eat a meal at the pool 3. Swim in the evening 4. Shower at the pool 5. Have hooks to hang pool bag and towels on Check out my stories 👆🏼 where I elaborate on each of these tips and show you our very favorite pool toys. I also summarized and linked everything in a blog post that you can get to by clicking the link in my profile. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE POOL TIPS? Tell me in the comments! 👇🏼