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HOLISTICA specialises in Super High-Vibe skincare solutions. Christmas at HOLISTICA. Give the gift of plant magic. Crystal Mists, Elixirs, Superfood face masks

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In a society obsessed with beauty, perfection and the female form, dealing with skin issues can feel like a constant battle ⚡️⁣⠀ But what if we reframed breakouts? ⁣⠀ Instead of seeing them as saboteurs of our self-esteem, we choose to see them as tiny points of insight…. individual invitations to lean in and listen to what our body is telling us about our health on every level. Asking us how we’re eating, how we’re moving, how we’re sleeping, how we’re feeling, how we’re breathing, how we’re caring for ourselves….⁣✨ And in doing this, we move away from this mentality of attack and criticism, towards a place of patience and self-compassion whilst we move through our wellness journey 💛 For more information about skin wellness coaching, please feel free to explore the link in bio or drop us a DM.
Unboxing giving us all the #FridayFeels!
If you hadn't already guessed we're pretty obsessed with the power of infusing crystals into our lives. And another person who feels the same way is Steff Pitman - Lingerie Designer and Founder of crystal-infused lingerie brand Zuela. After her own journey with anxiety led her to discover the worlds of wellness and crystal healing, Steff designed to merge her new-found love for crystals with her passion and skill for lingerie design. Read our interview with her over on the blog (link in bio) ✨
Our Beauty Elixirs bathing in the first of the spring sunshine ☀️ Each of our Elixirs has been carefully designed to blend potent plant properties with powerful aromatherapeutic benefits. Not only does this support optimal skin health by feeding skin on a cellular level, but it also creates a multi-sensory experience that can soothe an anxious mind and boost low spirits. Check out the range over via the link in bio ✨