Holder And Hook
Personalised oak homeware and gifts handcrafted in rural Norfolk.

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LOST • do you ever feel like you lose your way a little? I’m having one of those weeks where a few of the plates I’m spinning seem to have taken a tumble. What with Christmas orders, prepping for this weekend, keeping on top of housework, PTA work, last minute school costumes and a poorly dog I have definitely not been excelling in all areas. There’s been a few cut corners (Children in Need spotty costumes made in 3 minutes this morning with a sharpie😆) but I’ve been trying to channel the lovely @annamathur and tell myself, actually that’s ok. Not having a moan just more of an ‘it’s ok to not have it all together’ post. Really looking forward to the festive fair this weekend and if you’re going, please come and say hi. Otherwise please tell me your best fail from this week so I don’t feel so bad!! #holderandhook #livingwithkids #shopsmalluk #lifeoutside #homegrownandhandmade #woodland #woodworking #workingmum #mumguilt
TGIF • it’s felt like such a busy week and there’s still loads to do! We’re off to the @elvedenestate festive fair so lots of prep still to be done. If you’re going, please come and say hello 👋🏼 #holderandhook #tgif #proseccotime #shopsmalluk #madeinnorfolk #tribenorfolk #proseccoprincess #christmasfair #elveden
WRAPPED • packaging up your orders is one of my favourite jobs and yes, I package every single one myself. How sweet is this pair of birth blocks? Hope Thursday has been good to you and is anyone else hanging on for Friday?! #holderandhook #shopsmalluk #homegrownandhandmade #madeinnorfolk #tribenorfolk #englishoak #newbabygift #birthgift #woodworking #madebyme
BEDTIME • If you’ve seen my story this evening, you’ll already know that the Norfolk sun put on quite a show. Not dissimilar to the show my four year old also put on about saying goodnight. Two bedtime stories, several trips downstairs, a drink and a request for tomorrow’s full itinerary including meal plans... does anyone else feel like the bedtime routine needs to start about 5pm?! #holderandhook #lovenorfolk #tribenorfolk #shopsmalluk #sunset_love #bigskies #bedtimeroutine #familylife #lifeoutside #livingwithkids