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High Performance Nutrition has blazed a trail all its own in the Health and Wellness industries by never compromising our high standards.

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12 steps to self-care 1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it. 2. Say exactly what you mean 3. Don’t be a people pleaser. 4. Trust your instincts 5. Never speak bad about yourself. 6. Never give up on your dreams. 7. Don’t be afraid to say no. 8. Don’t be afraid to say yes. 9. Be kind to yourself. 10. Let go of what you can’t control. 11. Stay away from drama and negativity. 12. Love. 💙 . . . #throwback to warmer temps and beautiful sky’s at Coronado Beach, CA with @jmikoli 📸 . . . #thursday #tbt #selfcare #bestself #lifestyle #livewell #liveauthentic #thepros #sandiego #coronadobeach #ca #unedited #photography
Weak Hips? . . . The pelvic drop exercise—also known as hip hikes—is a great exercise to improve the strength of the hips. This exercise strengthens the gluteus medius muscle located in the side of your hips and buttocks. By keeping the hips strong, you may be able to prevent hip, back or knee problems and you can maintain appropriate functional mobility. Thank you @physiquesmith01 for this one!! . . . Start the pelvic drop exercise by standing on a step, box, or platform. If balance is a problem, hold onto something. Stand sideways on the step, hang one leg off. Be sure to keep your abs tight and keep your pelvis level. While standing with one leg, keep your support leg straight, your abs engaged. Then allow the hanging leg to slowly fall towards the ground. Do this by allowing your pelvis to slowly drop down. . . . It’s essential to keep your support leg on the step as straight as possible. You’ll want to bend the knee, but lower by letting the pelvis drop slowly. Your foot should not drop enough to touch the ground—be sure to control the movement with a slow, steady drop. When your pelvis drops down as far as possible, hold this position for a second or two, and be sure to keep your abs tight. After you have lowered the pelvis, simply use your hip muscles in your support leg on the step to raise your pelvis up. Your support leg should remain straight and your stomach should be tight. Remember that this exercise is not for everyone, visit your physical therapist or doctor before starting any exercise program! . . . Tag a friend with weak hips!!!❤️ @theprophysiques . . . #hiphikes #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #prehab #hip #mobility #glutes #physicaltherapy #livewell #training #ifbb
Becoming the healthiest version of yourself takes time, you will get there. Purge the behaviors that are holding you back. Improve your strengths and develop your weaknesses. Make sure self awareness is always present, as you go through this growth phase! You can do this! ⭐️ . . . Today’s LEG workout: . . . Warmup: - banded side walks - down and back 2x (15 steps each direction) - Monkey walks - down and back 2x (forward and backward each direction, about 15 steps each way) - Side Planks (with one leg on a bench, drawing the other leg just under the bench, directed to strengthen adductors) 3x35 seconds each side . . . Working Exercises: - Leg Extensions: (feet together and toes pointed) 4 x 15-20 - Narrow Stance Leg Press: 4 x 15-20 (increasing weight each time) - Reverse Hack Squat: (toes towards outside of foot plate) 4x20 - Kettlebell Plié squat SS with Kettlebell wide stance SLDL: 4x15-20 each - Banded Hip Thrust: 4x20 - Sissy Squats: (lean back) 4x15 - Glute Kickbacks: 3x15-20 . . . Check out my story for some clips of these exercises! . . . #theprophysiques #workout #legworkout #gym #train #lifestyle #livewell #liveauthentic #healthcoach #prep #thepros #figure #ifbb
The list for the 2019 @arnoldsports was announced today!!! Completely surreal, Grateful and excited for the opportunity to compete on this prestigious stage, alongside 7 of my @thepros_ifbb_npc teammates!!!! Congrats to @vytamin_c @whitneyjones_ifbbpro @carlystarlingpro @kateerrington_ifbbpro @breenamartinez @monica_ellis_ @ryallfitness our amazing coach @the_pro_ducer and all the incredible athletes selected!!! It’s go time!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ . . . #arnoldsportsfestival #figureinternational #asf2019 #thepros #ifbbfigure #pro #ifbb #theprophysiques #prophysiques