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#Ripped 🥊 When preparing for a big fight, world class MMA fighter @funkmaster_ufc relies on @highperformancenutrition cutting edge products to maximize his bodies performance, endurance, and recovery capacity. 🥋🤼‍♂️ Cutting weight can leave athletes tired & unable to perform optimally but Aljo fuels his body with proper nutrition and HPN’s state of the art supplementation. 🔬👨🏻‍🔬 All of our products are independently tested for potency, purity, and guaranteed to be free of banned substances so they are safe for all levels of athletics!
#FountainOfYouth • When the behind of Resveratrol really took off in the early 2000’s, it was thought to be the key to slowing down or reversing cellular aging due to its performance in cell and animal data. 🍷 Resveratrol activates a crucial protein in our cells called “Sirtuins” and these amazing proteins protect + heal our DNA, to put it simply. •••• Research has proven that Resveratrol can activate Sirtuins; But it has since been discovered Sirtuins need an important source of fuel to perform in our bodies and without it, their effect is minimized. 🔬👨🏻‍🔬In 2013 @highperformancenutrition was part of the team to unveil the scientific breakthrough that fixed this dilemma. ☺️More about that in our next post 🖱Click the [email protected] our bio and read about S(9); HPN’s Sirtuin Booster Formula
Start your week off right! • Throw a scoop of ProZero Blueberry Scone flavor in your oats; top with fresh sliced fruit, and you’re ready for success.. 🍓🍌🍒🍊🍏 Checkout our website •LINK IN BIO• to build your own mix and match flavored single serving kits.
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