High Hoops Studio
Handmade Performance Tavel Hula Hoops Aurora Illinois.
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Last updated:September 16, 2018

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A lil update from our magical hoop-smith<3 Still sending extra love and healing vibes to @malgosia92 ❤️💛💚 #Repost @malgosia92 ・・・ My lil guy Baxter ❤️he has been by my side through a lot in my life and always makes me feel safe 🐾 #grateful ||\||\ •Side note* thank you everyone who has reached out. Just had some health hurdles I’m still dealing with. I want to be on here way more! Very happy to have change. Much love and good vibes always. 🙏🏼
🍃💙🧚‍♀️✨🌀🌿 #Repost @ameliakdavis ・・・ Gotta give a shout out to my babe @harmonica_hoops because I finally kinda got that antispin looking a lil natural in my flow haha. Love you girl❤️ • ✨using a 23” 5/8ths UV Blue OG polypro from my babes @highhoopsstudio 💙 use my discount code “ameliak” to save on your next hoop!✨ • ✨shorts from @harmonicthreads ✨ • 🎶 Locks - @mellamoiseo 🎶 • • • #hooplah #rvahoopers #flowarts #highhoopsstudio #hhs #polypro #hoopperformer #movementmeditation #sacredcircle #harmonicthreads
So much love for this #highhooper @whirlintwirlinjam ❤️💛💚 keep healing babe and in no time, you’ll be right back at it slaying away 🙃 #Repost @whirlintwirlinjam ・・・ Haven’t done one of these in a long time!! Cheating and using this flow from Tuesday and posting for #flowartsfriday 💓 casted up now for a while.. btw esseks always makes me groove:)) - - Using my UV Green polypro hoop from my sponsor @highhoopsstudio 💚💚💚 matches my room pretty darn well!!•• #gratefulhoopers #sacredcircle #infinitecircles #hoopersofig #flowarts #hoopflow #hooplove #hoopdance #hooplah #unityofthehulahoopers #hoopersunite #hooperscollective #hooptricks #flowmies #cthoopers #esseks #bassmusic #hoopbreaks #leghooping #pizzatoss #isos #chestroll #hoopeverydamnday
The most rewarding feeling of my job, hands down is getting to see the love and pure joy of costumers letting loose, letting go, just fully giving into their flow.❤️💛💚 Much love always. #Repost @cosmic_carla ・・・ Here's a fun hooping video which was taken on a very windy St. James beach Saturday. I've been neglecting my hooping allot in the last few months as life and adventures ran away with me, just didn't have time to spiral in circles. Recently I've picked up the hoop again, trying to master some more challenging moves and work on my technique and style a bit. I love hooping because I get lost in the flow, as my body starts to move in reaction to the hoop. I feel myself spiralling out of my body and out of time. Suddenly I am suspended in orbit and deep in trancelike meditation. 😌❤🌙✨🌺 I plan on making more videos in the coming months. Watch this space for more vids and maybe some classes/collective beach hoop missions. Blessed day everyone xx