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Today I harvested California Poppy, Calendula, Sacred Basil, Lemon Balm and Chamomile. It felt so good to be out harvesting and spending time with the plants. We’re getting closer and closer to moving into our new kitchen, office and shipping space which means I’ve been spending a lot of time painting inside and less time outside in the fields. So it felt great to harvest and weed today. #herbharvest #herbs #calendula #tulsi #sacredbasil #holybasil #calipoppy #californiapoppy #herbfarm #herbalrevolution
I haven’t been able to drink coffee for years but that’s okay. Instead I drink our Roasted Roots w/Reishi Tea by the pot full! This blend supports my liver and adrenals instead of taxing them. I can drink it round the clock without worrying about jitters or staying up all night. This summer I’ve been drinking it iced. Delicious. I make it in a French press on the evening and put it in the fridge before bed. By morning it’s chilled and ready to go. I love it black but it also tastes amazing with coconut cream and maple syrup. So. Tasty. #coffeenotcoffee #coffeealternative #alternativetocoffee #lookslikecoffee #tasteslikecoffee #tea #drinktea #healthydrinks #roastedroots #reishi #herbalrevolution #iceddrinks #icedcoffeealternative
Have you tried our Turmeric Tonic?! This tonic is so tasty! It’s delicious made into a simple botanical mocktail by combining the tonic with a touch of honey, sparkling water and a twist of lime. This tonic is also delicious added to juices like a carrot ginger, added to smoothies or used in cooking. What’s your favorite way to use our Turmeric Tonic? #acv #turmeric #turmerictonic #botanicaldrinks #healthydrinks #drinktoyourhealth #turmericshot #wellnessshots #herbalrevolution #liversupport #detox
I’ve spent my day settling back in to the rhythms of the farm. This evenings walk, I checked to see who was ready for harvesting tomorrow and it looks like these beauties are up. Lemon balm, Chamomile, Anise Hyssop and Calendula. It was so good to get away for a minute but it’s good to be back. I’m coming back with less weight and expectations. I’ve carried a heavy load this summer and the addition of our lawsuit and multiple losses hasn’t helped. So, I’m trying to continue, capturing the ease I felt while I was away, by shifting deadlines and letting go of what I can. Lots to come here at Herbal Revolution, we’ll just have to wait for some of it till next spring! #creatingshifts #soulfood #lookingtogrow #lookingformydreamteam #herbalrevolution #igotthis