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Baby spam for your weekend scroll 🥰🥰🥰 (The 😭 were because this guy likes to be held ALL THE TIME right now 😝 #justpickmeup ) . Today I’m making a dairy free (also gluten free, nut free and pretty healthy) Unicorn cake for Emilia’s party tomorrow so keep an eye on my stories 😝🤞🦄 I’m also vlogging it - do you want the recipe?! . Leo’s romper is from @my.riser Lightroom preset by @embraceblissandgrace 💕
This is one of my favourite photos of all time😍. It’s not insta-glam but my gosh it brings up all the feels from that day Emilia arrived, almost 3 years ago! Before I became a mumma for the second time I wondered if I would have enough love to give. The moment I held these two in my arms I didn’t give it a second thought. #probablybecausemyheartexploded 🥰🥰 I can assure you that love isn’t a finite resource, there is more than enough to go around. #onlyhourspostpartum
We are on mission #guthealth here in the Ropiha household (even more so now that Winter is coming - 🤣 I can’t say that without thinking of John Snow❄️) and I was so excited to find these @perkiiprobiotics probiotic drinks during my @colessupermarkets weekly shop!  Every so often the kids and I love a refreshing alternative to water but as a health conscious mum I avoid soft drinks and heavily processed juices.  The PERKii probiotic drinks are formulated here at the University of Queensland and use a microgel technology to deliver live and protected Lactobacillus casei (Lc431) probiotics (check it out, it’s super cool and clever!🙌). The kids and I LOVE the non-carbonated water based drinks and as a mumma I love that they are also low sugar and GMO free with the added benefit of probiotics during the cold and flu season. . Some other ways we are supporting the kids immunity this cold and flu season include: ✔️Regular hand washing, especially before eating (this is the simplest and most effective tip I can share as a mum!) ✔️Plenty of in-season fruit and vegetables ✔️A naturopath-prescribed multivitamin . What’s your go-to over the cold and flu season? #betterinsideandout #abilliontimesbetter #betterforyou #smartguts #PERKii #PERKiiPartner
Insta-glam vs work-at-home mumma. The juggle is real and sometimes (often) I feel as though I’m falling short in some area (usually the laundry 🤣🙈). When you work from home it’s really challenging to shut off the housework and the daily tasks because you’re literally sitting amongst it. And if you’ve got babes at home too you also become an expert at sneaking moments! I never knew how much you can fit into the space of a nap until I had kids 😝⏰ . But yesterday I was reminded of why I do it all. Beyond the heart-warming fulfilment I get from supporting families and providing as much value as I can, I got to drop everything and watch Luca receive his student of the week award. 😍🥰 . On YouTube this week I have a new video answering questions, including how to start a business (I’m not an expert but I can recall the start VERY clearly). I also spoke about studying with kids, how I “don’t reach for junk food”, motivation and the best and hardest things about being a mum! There is also a sneaky giveaway as part of the video so don’t miss it 🥰🙌 . Do you work from home too? What do you do, hobby or work, beyond mumming? I would love to know 😍🙌 . YouTube: Krissy Ropiha (link in stories)