Happy Pineapple
Custom Clothing Inspired by the 90s and Happiness

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I don't know about you, but we are HAPPY AF the ☀️sunshine☀️ is here to stay! We love this style for its super soft material, ultra flattering back seam, and subtly sexy high neck line. Perfect for any brunch 🥂! . . . Check out our entire collection of tanks to enhance your summer closets💃🎉. Visit our website @ www.myhappypineapple.com to join the fam and recieve a special treat on us 🎁🥳! . . . #myhappypineapples #beahappypineapple #happypineapple #dontbedefined #shopsmall #happyaf #newportbeach #huntingtonbeach #costamesa #happyvibesonly #motivationalquotes #MotivationalMonday #Godisgreat #instapreneur #startup #next90nation #mynext90 #ownyournext90 #liveyourbestlife #thestruggleisreal
For so long I felt lost, broken, & alone. I was on anti-anxiety meds, I was afraid of an uncertain future, & I was just angry. I’ve seen posts recently on “If it costs you your peace it’s too expensive!” Do I agree? YES! Does it inspire me?  ABSO-EFFING-LUTLY! Does it mean I’ve given up? HELL-TO-THE-NO! Giving up would have been swallowing that concoction in my medicine cabinet the night I was so broken I couldn’t see a way through. The night I was so mad at GOD I would have done anything to spite Him. God didn’t actually talk to me, but I could just imagine what he was thinking “Girl! I’m NOT DONE! YOU DUMB! SLEEP!” After 3 flashes, one of my husband, family, & friends that's exactly what happened. After months of sleepless nights the next thing I remember is waking up thanking God for saving my life. I am so incredibly ashamed, but I believe I needed that to make sure I got to where I am today. Even though I chose to forgo additional fertility treatments, it doesN'T mean I’ve given up on ME, & finding my PEACE. After a year and a half of faking my way through life, I made the decision that I needed more out of the life I was surviving. I needed to put a purpose to my pain, to share my story in the hopes that even if one person was ready to give up I could show that it IS possible to come out the other side. I decided I want to live my life knowing that Gods plan for my life is so much greater than anything I could ever imagine. I want the kind of faith that I don’t need to understand why I’ve had to face infertility, but I can find peace in knowing that I want Gods will to be done in all things. I want the faith to be able to not understand where I’m going but go anyway. Jesus says “…that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” I’ve had my fair share of tribulations, but I’ve turned to Jesus and I’ve found my peace. Life if rough, but I believe Jesus is everything from the beginning to the end, but in middle there are doctors, therapy, rehab, etc. Pray, look to Jesus, & use your resources. Even though I may be a Pineapple, I refuse to surrender my Happiness any longer!
Lets make LOVE a verb!!! We tend to associate love with a warm, fuzzy, tingly feeling, but love is so much more than just an emotion. Love is a choice. It’s a decision you can make every day. . . . In any situation you can take action to show love. Even if you might be feeling frustration, annoyance, or anger you can choose to act on kindness, understanding, and love. . . . You know what they say... Actions speak louder than words. Show your people you love them!!!!! Try taking something you think is a chore and do it from a place of love for someone else. See how you feel! We dare you! . . . Tell us how you make love a verb! . . . #ShopSmallSaturday #shopsmall #fashion #womensfashion #makeloveaverb #myhappypineapples #beahappypineapple #happypineapple #dontbedefined #newportbeach #huntingtonbeach #costamesa #instapreneur #motivationalquotes #Godisgreat #unexplainedinfertility #ttc #happythoughts #happyaf #stuttering #Godislove #instapreneur
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