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Not all Saw Palmetto is created equal!🌱Healthy scalp/hair with ZERO DRUG-RELATED SIDE EFFECTS. Oil and Serum for AGA in men/women.
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Last updated:April 1, 2019

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🌱HAIRMETTO Topical Saw Palmetto products NOW available In-store or Online at Replenish Health in Calgary. . 🌱8330 Macleod Trail, Calgary . 🌱1-877-256-8929 . 🌱 . 🌱STOP, PREVENT & RESTORE hair loss naturally WITHOUT DRUG-RELATED SIDE EFFECTS🌱 . . . . #dietandnutrition #replenishhealth #sawpalmetto #plantbasedmedicine #alternativemedicine #hairmetto #restorehair #hairregrowthtreatment #naturalhairgrowthproducts #yychealth #yycfitness #scalpdermaroller
Genetics has SOMETHING to do with hair loss...but not ALL of it. This is good news! 🌱 Just because you’re genetically prone to something, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be that way. For example, does alcoholism run in your family? Does that mean you’re destined to become an alcoholic? Not at all! The genes may be there but there are certain stressors (ie: environmental, toxins etc) that may activate a gene. In the case of alcoholism, lifestyle choices would play a large role. 🌱 This is the science of #epigenetics The research done through universities and doctors suggest that turning on and off of certain genetic switches play a larger role than #genetics alone. 🌱 According to the US Center for Disease Control, genetics account for only 10% of disease, with the remaining 90% owing to environmental variables. 🌱 While the widely held view is that hair loss is hereditary, investigation on the subject reveals that #dietandnutrition may play a larger role than previously thought. 🌱 In many cases, diet and nutrition are a few of the switches that determine in which direction a gene will go. 🌱 So don’t give up hope! Fight for it. Prevent your hair from thinning by your nutrition choices and by topically supplying your #follicles with a DHT blocker and #antioxidants 🌱Don’t wait until you notice hair loss. Keep the hair you have healthy and beautiful with #prevention
If you’ve been using pharmaceutical drugs to stop #hairloss and regrow lost hair, you’ve likely experienced some of the unwanted side effects that come with long term use. 🌱 Aside from sexual side effects, you may be concerned with how it’s affecting your overall health. 🌱 A review of the adverse effects reported to the FDA noted several side effects, including: fatigue, muscle weakness, fuzzy thinking and hearing loss. 🌱 A study published in The BMJ (Apr10/19) reported that men taking the drugs were slightly more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. 🌱 Dr. Tobias Kohler of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota says, “Patients should educate themselves on the risks and benefits”. 🌱 HAIRMETTO provides #alternativemedicine for stopping hair loss with ZERO DRUG RELATED SIDE EFFECTS.
Stimulate collagen and new cell production for hair regrowth.