Gobstone Alley Reviews

I just can't deal with the stress, delays, lies and lack of communication from the company anymore

Saturday, April 27 2019

So this is bitter sweet, I received my December Gobstone Alley which will be my final box from Gobstone Alley. I have loved their boxes for a long time and there are products I will miss so much, but I just can't deal with the stress, delays, lies and lack of communication from the company anymore.

Normally the products in this box are exceptional but I have to admit I am a little disappointed in some of the items in this box. Firstly, and I know others have commented on this, the wand! It's just a bit of dowel with a groove in it! The quality of the postcard is terrible and the beauty products are not great. The bath bomb is already falling apart and the lip balm is just a plain lip balm with a terrible sticker on it. This is a shame as the previous bath products have been awesome.

I didn't really like this box

Monday, April 15 2019

Today I finally got my first Gobstone Alley box. I bought it in November. This is the December box and now is April. A little late.

I didn't really like this box. I don't have a bathtub, I can't eat that candy, just a normal lip balm and too many butterbeer items in one box. And that wand. Look at it! I don't understand. But I really have to say that I loved the t-shirt.

There is still january box coming. I hope it's better.

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These candles honestly smell amazing

Wednesday, April 10 2019

Just got my delivery from Gobstone Alley. These candles honestly smell amazing and the scents are just what I imagined for them!

I love the T-shirt as it is so comfortable and the design is super cute.

I don’t recommend buying from Gobstone Alley at this time

Monday, April 8 2019

I waited a long time for this box. Paid for it in September 2018, they sent a fake tracking number in December 2018 and the proper tracking number at the beginning of January 2019. I received it today - April 2019.

I’m so glad it’s finally arrived. Is it worth it? Well, it’s got a decent amount of stuff and good quality, overall I’m pleased, but I still won’t be buying from them again anytime soon. I did purchase the November box, but after much deliberation and a few emails from them lying about when they would send out the box, I put in a claim on PayPal and got confirmation today that I will receive a refund.

Overall, I don’t recommend buying from Gobstone Alley at this time. I really hope they sort out their issues and find their groove again.

I’m really pleased with the box

Thursday, March 21 2019

Today I received my Past Revelio Mystery Box from Gobstone Alley. Their owls were really fast this time and I’m really pleased with the box!

My favorite item is definitely the tea. I’ve only ordered a Flying Parcel once and loved Neville’s hand-picked flower tea“ and I was really sad when there was nothing left and today I got the exact same tea in my mystery box 😊

I was literally so happy about this! It’s also awesome that you can choose the candle when ordering. I chose Hagrid‘s Hut“ and it smells lovely!

I love their boxes

Monday, March 18 2019

I decided to order a Past Revelio Mystery Box from Gobstonele Alley because I love their boxes and and you get 10 magical items from previous boxes as well as a big Incendio Candle of your choice 😃

So here is what was lucky enough to get and I was not disappointed! My favourite is definitely the Fluxweed bottle, but I’m also stoked about the Hufflepuff banner and the gorgeous feather quill!

This box is truly beautiful

Friday, March 8 2019

This box is truly beautiful. I’m in love with every single piece but is it worth waiting for. It is my second box.

Honestly this is the perfect subscription box and yes it is worth waiting for if you know.