Glow Recipe Reviews

I’m seeing results and I’ve only been using this product for 3 weeks

Sunday, April 28 2019

I haven’t consistently used a vitamin C product until now. I can honestly say that Glow Recipe pineapple-C bright serum has lightened my hyperpigmentation spots dramatically. The consistency is gel like and it goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel sticky to me at all!

The only downside I have is that I do not like the scent. I’ve noticed many people say it’s sweet and nice and mine is just not very sweet or nice at all. Most vitamin C products will have different scents and that’s okay.

I’m seeing results and I’ve only been using this product for 3 weeks, so I will put up with the scent!

It gives me that glow I need in the morning

Thursday, April 18 2019

I'm a little obsessed with this face serum! It makes my face feel so soft and it definitely gives me that glow I need in the morning! It is also really light weight so when you put it on you feel like it's a second skin! If you haven't tried this yet, please do!

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The way it smells reminds me of my childhood

Thursday, April 18 2019

I am absolutely loving this product! You can definitely see a difference in my before and after photos after just 1 week of use! The way it smells reminds me of my childhood when my grandma would make a pineapple upside down cake. This smells just like that, but without the sticky mess.

I follow this immediately with my daily moisturizer, otherwise my face turns red and gets a slight burning sensation. But that is the only con I have found. I definitely recommend this product if you’re interested in having perfect, glass-like skin.

Will I repurchase this again? Yes!

Monday, April 8 2019

I have been using this baby for about 1 month and a half. It’s been getting hotter in LA so this was perfect in my skincare routine. It’s a lightweight moisturizer and surprisingly, it worked for my dry skin.

I do recommend this product if you have normal or oily skin. If you have “normal” dry skin, this can also work for you. Anything beyond that, I recommend layering this with other products in your routine.

Will I repurchase this again? Yes! I already have a new bottle to use soon.

It keeps your skin soft through the day

Friday, March 22 2019

This Glow Recipe watermelon ultra-fine mist is so hydrating and so refreshing, it keeps your skin soft through the day.

Due to my dry/sensitive skin I love when I find a good mist to help hydrate my skin through the day and is super gently on the skin. On top of that this mist smells so delicious, just like watermelon!

I definitely recommend this mist for someone looking for a good mist to keep their skin hydrated and with hint of glow.

This Glow Recipe avocado sleeping mask is pretty nice

Friday, March 22 2019

I love sleeping with an eye mask but it blocks out the sun so I end up sleeping in late. But really, this Glow Recipe avocado sleeping mask is pretty nice. If I’m being honest I returned it because I had a slight reaction to the gentle exfoliant (which is not emphasized as part of the product, so I didn’t notice) but otherwise it seems like a nice option.

The packaging is clearly adorable

Friday, March 22 2019

I ordered the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist as soon as it was released from Sephora. My eyes fell in love with the adorable packaging, and the ingredients sounded great, too. Unfortunately, the strong watermelon candy scent made it hard to enjoy, so I only used it 2-3 times.

I saw a couple other reviewers mention that it has a watermelon Jolly Rancher scent, and it really does. Depending on the product, that normally wouldn't be so bad. But, I typically use a mist twice a day or more, so this particular watermelon scent was just too intense. I smelled like watermelon candy for nearly the entire afternoon since it’s quite strong and lingers, too.

As a hydrating product, it seemed to work as well as my other mists, but I only used it over the course of one day. I wish I could have tested it longer, but I couldn't get past the scent.

The packaging is clearly adorable and the mist mechanism produces a "fog" like mist. You need to hold the mist button down for 3-4 seconds to get the full fog mist experience. It's a super fine mist and feels really nice, because the fine droplets land delicately on your skin and doesn’t leave you drenched like some other mists can. It does feel like walking through a fine misty fog

I really wanted to love this, because look how cute it is, and it sounded so promising. But, the strong candy scent was too much for me. I hope that they’ll update the formula to tone down the scent intensity, because I still think the ingredients list is impressive and I'd love to give it another chance.

I trust Glow Recipe with my skin completely

Friday, March 22 2019

What I love about this mask is that the material of the mask is flexible, you’re able to gently flex the natural cotton material to fit your face a little better than what it comes in. Another thing I love about this mask is that there were the key ingredients like the thyme which provides antioxidants and the Chinese Morning clam flower.

This mask really focuses on hydrating skin which I am 100% for in mask. I trust Glow Recipe with my skin completely!

I’m not sure if I have anything bad to say about this mask honestly. They cover all the standards I try to meet every time I get a sheet Mask so it isn’t a waste of money.

Pink dream come true for the skin

Tuesday, March 19 2019

I popped Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist into my cart as soon as it dropped. You all already know how much I love a good mist and I’ve fallen head over heels for this one! 🍉


I love the way the bottle is designed. The rounded end makes it ideal for getting every last drop outta of this product!


Formulated with watermelon, hyaluronic acid, and hibiscus AHAs, it’s a pink dream come true for the skin. Plus, it smells just like a watermelon jolly rancher! And since it separates, I get to shake it into this gorgeous color every time I use it which is super fun for me.

I just fell in love with it right after the first use

Tuesday, March 19 2019

The mask I'm currently using is the highly raved Glow Recipe Water Melon Sleeping Mask. I'm waking up with such radiant skin, seriously this morning I couldn't stop staring at myself in the mirror.

I just fell in love with it right after the first use. ⁣So happy I've discovered another awesome product.

I love how lightweight it feels on my face

Tuesday, March 12 2019

Obsessed with this Glow Recipe watermelon mist! It smells so good and I’ve been spraying this on my face all day. I love how lightweight it feels on my face and the fact it doesn’t build up oily look whenever I spray more.

A lifesaver for my skin at the moment

Friday, March 8 2019

This Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer is a lifesaver for my skin at the moment. I’m more on the oily side of combination skin right now - it can change depending on the weather and season. This gives me lightweight hydration before my makeup application. And Oh My God it smells like watermelon candies.

It has watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid which claim to hydrate the skin. I love the texture of this. It’s like a water-in-cream type of sich. I like to use it before makeup because it gives such a light layer without being heavy or feeling like there’s too much on my face. Less is more.