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personalized haircare based on your hair type goals and preferences. cruelty-free formulated without sulfates and parabens.
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Function Of Beauty Reviews

Check out this amazing innovative company

Tuesday, March 19 2019

My second set of Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner! I’m so excited about this set because I got the limited edition black shampoo and grey conditioner.

I love how you get to customize what you need for your type of hair! I always love to strengthen, color care, lengthen and hydrate.

My last set lasted me 5 1/2 months so a little bit definitely goes a long way.

I totally recommend you check out this amazing innovative company and what they have to offer.

Excellent paraben & sulfate free, cruelty-free products customized for you

Tuesday, March 19 2019

I just love personalized products and this is definitely one of my favorites! Function of Beauty provides excellent paraben & sulfate free, cruelty-free products customized for you💗

I love how you can get it personalized based on your hair type and preferences. This one is definitely working for me and would love to recommend it!

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Just like a basket of ripe summer peaches. I’m in love!

Tuesday, March 19 2019

So I treated myself to something special. Customized shampoo from Function of Beauty. My hair profile is curly/medium/normal, and my hair goals were simple: anti-frizz, curl definition, and hydration.

I took my first shower with the products almost as soon as I got them and they are lovely. So far, my hair is super soft, my curls are cute as ever, and it smells AMAZING. Just like a basket of ripe summer peaches. I’m in love!

These are an actual game changer when it comes to hair!

Monday, March 18 2019

These are an actual game changer when it comes to hair! I’ve been using Function of Beauty for a few months and I’ve noticed such a big difference. Also this new leave-in treatment? This blew me away. My hair stayed curly & shiny even after sleeping twice.

Literally amazing. My hair would normally get all frizzy and gross and I would have to wash it whenever I needed to go out with it down. Thank you Function of Beauty for creating these 💖.

Function of Beauty is an amazing shampoo, conditioner

Monday, March 18 2019

Function of Beauty is an amazing shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment company based in the US and all products are cruelty-free, vegan, paraben free, and sulfate free!

I went for a fun color combo that will strengthen, lengthen, protect, and soften my hair while giving it a beautiful shine! Go to Function of Beauty and take the hair quiz in their bio for your perfect set!

My hair is significantly softer, smoother, and easier to maintain

Saturday, March 9 2019

This is my first time using Function of Beauty products, and I chose the scent Nude (P)each in the colour pink. After I started using Function of Beauty’s shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment together, my scalp feel great, and my hair is significantly softer, smoother, and easier to maintain and control!

Smells SO GOOD

Tuesday, September 25 2018

This customized shampoo and conditioner is my new favorite thing, and it smells SO GOOD. Plus, my hair feels amazing thanks to my 5 hair goals!

Frickin’ adorable. I can’t wait to have a shower

Monday, September 24 2018

I have a serious weak spot for unique concept brands that dare to be different while still being ethically conscious. I’ve been hunting for some new haircare products and found Function Of Beauty .

Made to order, cruelty-free, toxin-free, vegan shampoo and conditioner in 100% recyclable packaging? Yes please! I really enjoyed the process of their cute online hair quiz, getting to pick my ingredients, scent (musk-have) and colors.

My name is even printed on the bottles. Frickin’ adorable. I can’t wait to have a shower💧🌸

Given me results that no other “one size fits all” shampoo or conditioner ever have.

Monday, September 24 2018

Now that I’ve been using Function Of Beauty for about 6 weeks, I wanted to post another quick hair update.

Customized hair care honestly feels like a luxury I’ve been missing out on for most of my life. Using these products for the past 6 weeks has given me results that no other “one size fits all” shampoo or conditioner ever have.

My hair feels healthier and stronger, while my scalp is more hydrated than it’s ever been. In my experience, it’s so hard to find a good curly hair shampoo that actually delivers what it promises.

After seeing the results, I cannot see myself going back to any regular shampoo or conditioner brand in the foreseeable future. I recommend this brand to anyone who is in the market for a new shampoo or conditioner, or is not fully satisfied with their current hair routine.

So far I’m pleased!

Monday, September 24 2018

Function Of Beauty arrived on Friday! And this packaging is just adorable :) they smell WONDERFUL!

I personally chose the strongest fragrance amount they offered as I let my hair air dry often and I like to smell it throughout the day. I’ve tried the set twice so far.

The shampoo lathers very well and doesn’t make my hair feel like straw. The conditioner works pretty darn well and I can easily get my fingers through my wet hair. I’ll have to do a proper check in after putting a bigger dent in these, but so far I’m pleased!

The colour and fragrance are devine!

Sunday, September 23 2018

Super easy to choose your hair profile & needs plus the colour and fragrance are devine!

My very thick, course strands are super soft, my only gripe is that the beautiful fragrance disappears once you wash it out.

It’s worth a try

Saturday, September 22 2018

I LIKE it. Not love. LIKE. I like it enough to use all of the shampoo and conditioner. I’ve only used it once so here’s basically a first impression.

I loved the shampoo. I got it in a nude peach fragrance and it actually sticks to your hair. After I washed the shampoo out, my hair looked and felt beautiful and soft and my curls were defined.

After the conditioner though, it felt like it was stripped of nutrients and moisture. It felt squeaky clean and looked a bit frizzy in some areas.

I am going to give it another chance and use a different method of conditioning my hair and see if that works. After that I just braided my hair up and let it dry (no added products) so I could see what it was capable of on it’s own.

Took my braids out and my curls look like they usually do. There’s a very small residue of moisture and a medium smell of peaches in my hair.

OVERALL: it’s worth a try! The price point is not bad and if you find the perfect formula for yourself it could be the start of an amazing investment.

My hair is already feeling less frizzy and more soft

Friday, September 21 2018

Got my new shampoo and conditioner in the post a couple of days ago. Matched to my hair type and hair goals from Function Of Beauty in absolute love with them! My hair is already feeling less frizzy and more soft.

It’s on auto order and I never have to worry about running out

Wednesday, September 19 2018

Always love 💗 when this gorgeous mint Function Of Beauty is waiting for me at home 🏠.

Truth be told - the best part is that it’s on auto order and I never have to worry about running out or making a trip to by it.

Thank you for such a perfect product

Wednesday, September 19 2018

My lord. It will never fail to amaze me that a shampoo and conditioner already so great, somehow manages to also look so intensely beautiful. Thank you for such a perfect product, Function Of Beauty.

I’m very, very impressed

Wednesday, September 12 2018

It’s been really cool discovering this brand - they make personalized shampoo and conditioner for you based on a simple quiz that you take on their website.

Their haircare is free of parabens, sulfates, GMOs, and they are cruelty free 🐇💕🙌🏻

They ask you what color you want your products to be (if at all), whether you want them scented, you’re asked what hair type and structure you have, about your scalp moisture, and what you want to fix about your hair.

The top 5 goals I picked: deep condition, replenish hair, fix split ends, strengthen and hydrate.

I have colored hair and for that reason it’s gotten pretty damaged. I ended up chopping off a few inches a couple days ago and since then my hair feels and looks SO much better.

Still, I’m always looking for really hydrating and deep conditioning haircare 🌸

I tried this duo out today for the first time and was legitimately extremely pleased with the results. For one, they smell so incredibly good (I chose the “peony tail” scent).

I found that with the shampoo, a little goes a long way 🌸

The conditioner, I’m absolutely obsessed with. I left it in my hair for a few minutes for a quick lil hair mask, and when I brushed it out after hopping out of the shower, I found that I didn’t even need leave in conditioner.

I’m very, very impressed.