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On my rest days @chiara_pugliesi 💕drinks her @fitonomy bcaas as they help her muscles grow and repair quicker. Purchase yours on “This is what I’m currently using in terms of supplements as well as protein shakes. I usually try to have one scoop of each every day . There is a huge debate going around bcaas and whether they are actually needed or not but I like to have my shake anyway as I feel more tired during a workout when I don’t drink them and also they do taste very nice and they provide extra protein during the workout too.” Hope you are all gonna have a great Easter weekend.
How to fuel your body with Fitonomy Supplements for the best results? . 💚 Drink Fitonomy's Pre-Workout 30 minutes before working out this will give you the boost of energy needed to get started. . 💚 During your workout drink BCAA. This will help you power through your workout decrease recovery time, and feel better faster. . 💚 After your workout drink Fitonomy's Lean Whey! This will provide your body with the essential proteins vitamins and minerals to help replenish and restore the ones you lost during your workout! #fitonomy #preworkout#postworkout
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Happy Thursday! Here’s a quick cardio circuit @theqii_tofitness did at the end of her workout. Fueled by @Fitonomy BCAA 🌱 ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 30 Slams ⁣⁣ 30 Jumping Jacks ⁣⁣ 30 second plank walks ⁣⁣ ⁣