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FULL BODYWEIGHT ONLY LEG WORKOUT🔥 . We CHALLENGE you & your workout buddy (TAG THEM!) to do this! If you like these bodyweight workouts, DOUBLE TAP❤️ Workout: 1️⃣3 sets of 20: lateral lunge to curtsy lunge (10 each side) 2️⃣3 sets of 20: Knee to Squat Jump 3️⃣3 sets of 20: Squat Knee to Elbows 4️⃣3 sets of 20: Side to Side Kickbacks (10 each leg) 5️⃣3 sets of 20: Reverse lunge to 3 pulses 6️⃣3 sets of 20: Cross Pop Squats 7️⃣3 sets of 20: Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge (10 each leg) . This workout is performed by our athlete @katieyovin who fuels and nourishes her body with #fitonomy supplements. To get your fuel, visit or click the link in our bio. 💚
@vanessabauer_skates stays on track with #fitonomy BCAA! “Here in Toronto I am skating and training many hours every day. BCAAs help me recover my muscles quicker to always be able to perform at my best ! 💪🏼” . Stay on track wherever you are, visit:
Beach booty workout 🏝 . “Don’t ever underestimate workouts on the sand... they’re the best for cardio and strength training at the same time! . They’re are actually more efficient because you activate way more muscles than you would on the solid ground. Because sand grains constantly shift, “your nervous system has to recruit additional muscle fibers in your legs, hips, and trunk in response” . As you sink in deeper in the sand you take off the pressure of your joints and put extra muscles to work to push off of the ground . Workouts on the sand burn up to 50 percent more calories per minute than if you do the same routine on the solid ground. Also research show that workouts on the soft ground like sand not only burn more calories but they also cause less inflammations, soreness and joint pain . With that being said, next time you hit the beach, get some workout in! . Each exercise 3x15 .” @coco_fitness enjoys #fitonomy supplements before and during her workouts! To get your fuel visit
What if there was a secret sauce that could help you recover faster from your workouts so you could crush it even harder next time? Well you have to try our BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids . If your workouts are intense that leave you sore for days BCAAs could raise your fitness game! Visit to get yours!