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I got 99 other problems but protein ain’t one 😏😏 cause I got the Protein from #Fitonomy 😋
PARTNER WORKOUT 😍 tag your bae! @growwithjo and @larrypazart fuel their workouts with #fitonomy Pre-Workout which you can get on . . 🙋🏽‍♀️put your hands up and tag a friend if working out with a friend keeps you motivated (even if it’s once in a while)🙋🏽‍♀️ 1️⃣squats x15 2️⃣high knees x20/side 3️⃣partner rows x10 4️⃣partner plank + lateral jump squats 5️⃣high and low planks x10/position 6️⃣plank partner rows x15 7️⃣partner crunch and leg raise Do for 3 rounds, 4 if you’re feeling like it isn’t enough 😁
Lower body circuit 🔥🍑 with @_ninamunoz 😍 . Got her @fitonomy BCAA’s to get time through this lower body burn!😅 BCAA’s are a great supplement to have because they help with muscle recovery, give you a little energy boost and help build lean muscle 😍💪🏻 purchase yours on . 1️⃣ 35 seconds opposite knee to elbow to leg lift (per side) 2️⃣ 35 seconds reverse lunge to hop (per side) 3️⃣ 35 seconds pulsing squat 4️⃣ 35 seconds donkey kick (per side) 5️⃣ 35 seconds frog pumps . REPEAT 4X!🔥 10 second rest after each move. 20 second rest after each round! . Song: Bad Idea by Ariana Grande
Feeling like working out at home this Sunday? Try these routines from our App and tag someone who loves exercising at home 🏠 Click the link in our bio @fitonomy to learn more about our training plans and supplements.