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Fenty Beauty by Rihanna was created with promise of inclusion for all women. With an unmatched offering of shades and colors for ALL skin tones, you'll never look elsewhere for your beauty staples. Browse our foundation line, lip colors, and so much more.
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Fenty Beauty Reviews

I am super impressed with the contour sticks

Tuesday, September 11 2018

My Review on Fenty Beauty Contour stick.

I am super impressed with the contour sticks that works with all skin tones, you can tell Rihanna’s worked hard. Though it didn't work for me, found them a bit dry and quiet hard to blend .

Packaging is gorgeous

Monday, September 3 2018

Brand: Fenty Beauty

Product Name: Pro Filt’r Foundation

Shade: 230 Neutral - Medium

Product: Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

Made in: Italy

Shelf Life: 12Months


• Packaging is gorgeous! Feels expensive to touch and looks so sleek!

• Shade range is freaking amazing! 40 shades! I can really say that I can find my perfect shade match in this brand.

• A little product goes a long way with this one ☺️.

• Oily skintype gals’ bestfriend! For me, it doesn’t sucks the life out of my face.

• Medium to Full Coverage (Buildable formula).

• My seatmate loves the way this foundation looks on my skin. It really compliments my oily skin & looks natural on me!

• It does last long on my skin (it’s humid in SG).


• Pump is hard to control if you want just a small amount of foundation. It squirts the foundation like a projectile 😐.

• Not recommended for dry skin types

• Dries down very quickly so be careful to work on one area of your face first.

• Sometimes patchy around my nose area. I have to set my nose area.

• Smells like Playdoh but I don’t really mind but for others this may be a con.

• According to Sephora Beauty Advisors & other customers, it does oxidizes so make sure to pick a shade lighter. For me, I didn’t notice that it oxidizes.


• You can use the Sephora App or Website to shade match :) It depends on the brand’s shade range if it can provide your perfect match. So far, I have no problem with the online shade match.

• Currently, this is my holy grail foundation! ❤️ Been using this for almost 2 months already.

• Recommended for combination to oily skin type.

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Easy to use, and isn't as expensive as some high end brands

Tuesday, July 31 2018

Let's talk about the Fenty Beauty fly liner 🙂

Okay so I was so excited when I saw this liner it looks VERY similar to the Artist Of Makeup art liner hence my excitement. I loved the AOM one and haven't found anything like it since I lost it!

Firstly packaging, when looking at it first I thought it was metal however it is not, It's plastic! A little disappointing because it feels cheap however it still looks nice.

I also like that it's not like a normal pen shape it has 3 sides and it adds a nice touch!

The tip, its one of the most important parts of the liner it can look great but if the tips rubbish then it may as well go in the bin😊.

The tip on this liner is so precise you can achieve a very thin line or a thick line, I can now do my eyeliner so quick, and its not floppy at the tip so you have control, I hate a floppy tip!

Lastly the pay off, now when applying I find it to be slightly watery, nothing OTT it won't be going all over the place but it's more on the watery side, it doesn't effect application much,.

The only thing I found I didn't like was the liner isn't as pigmented as I would like it to be so you have to kind go over some of the areas where you apply it, but this can be fixed by shaking the liner before applying!

Over all I Like it, its easy to use, and isn't as expensive as some high end brands!

Gorgeous looking palette

Sunday, July 22 2018


Picked this gorgeous looking palette a few days ago only for its packaging 🤦🏻‍♀️ (come-on, you’ll have done this before 🙈 ).

I wont lie, i tried a few matte shades during the day and didn’t quiet like it. So much so that i regretted buying it and wanted to return.

The other day when i went out with shade ‘Mirage’ on my lids, people noticed and complimented but i still wasn’t convinced.. but but but, I finally fell in love 😍 with this palette when i tried ‘Desert Baked’. This shade was a deal maker for me!

I would also like to add that the shimmer shades are dusty and tend to sheer out and the sparkle looks faded after a while on the lid so, Its better to wear it over a eye-shadow primer for best results. I used a glitter glue by too faced underneath which made the shimmer pop and stayed all night long 😉

Finally, I have decided to keep this palette for the metallic and shimmery shades 🎨.

Fenty Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

Thursday, July 19 2018

When I saw the design of this palette I thought it looked gorgeous and the colors looked interesting. Using this palette I noticed the amount of fallout is very high, if you have a problem with messy palettes stray far away from this baby, the outside gets very messy from fingerprints and it's hard to keep neat.

So let's talk about the actual shadows, i love the colors and they feel soft and silky but it can be hard to get a good payoff on the eyelids, you definitely need to use a wet packing brush with a lot of these colors and a good primer.

And it's also important to note that this palette wasn't made to be used alone you should use another palette as a base for these shadows which does help with the color payoff as well.

I honestly don't recommend this palette for the price but if you could get it cheaper second hand or is simply just a makeup/fenty collector I'd say go for it 😋

A great way to dip into the Fenty Beauty world

Tuesday, July 17 2018

Fenty Beauty Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set

So I bought this product because I was interesting in trying something from Fenty Beauty but I didn't wanna pay 18$ for a lip gloss and 34$ dollars for a highlighter when I didn't even know if I'd them. The set costs 23$ at Sephora, and let me tell you I fell in love... with half of it at least!

The gloss bomb

It feels great on the lips and it's so easy to apply and it looks amazing, I've never liked lip gloss but this product makes me change my mind! I like the color and the texture, the applicator is easy to work with, only con is that you do have to dip down a few times since the applicator doesn't pick up a lot of product.

The Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Hu$tla Baby

I know everyone on the internet loves the Fenty highlighters but honestly? I wasn't to thrilled about this one, I just didn't like the way it applies to the skin. I tried using a fan brush, a more fluffy brush and fingers it just didn't work for me it didn't give me that "shiney wet look" that all the beauty gurus have, it looked more glittery and I could see the specs of glitter on my cheekbones.

Overall opinion

I think this set is a great way to dip into the Fenty Beauty world! You get to try two of their popular products and get the feel for this brand for $23, even though I'm not loving the highlighter I'm still happy with my purchase I love the gloss and I got to try something new.

Super recommend

Sunday, June 24 2018

The pink/red hues from Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush matte lipstick in shades Spanked, Madam, and Candy Venom.

Formula is a very comfortable matte, that lasts super long.

I wore Spanked last Saturday and it pretty much lasted till I took it off at 10 pm. Super recommend.

When you need some color in your life

Friday, February 2 2018

When you need some color in your life, buy some Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipsticks!

This highlighter is gorgeous

Friday, September 22 2017

Thoughts on Fenty Beauty By Rihanna:

1.Killawatt freestyle Highlighter in Mean Money/ Hu$tla Baby

This highlighter is gorgeous it has specs of glitter in it but nothing too over the top, it also has two different sides one for a a natural glow and the right side is for a more intense glow.

2. Pro filt'r soft matte long wear foundation in the shade 240

Probably my favorite thing from the collection because it feels nice on the skin and has a matte finish... it also comes in 40 shades and is only $34.

3. Invisimatte blotting powder in translucent

This blotting powder does the job but I was hoping it was a little more long wearing I also felt like because of the translucent white color it gave me flashback... overall I think there are cheaper drugstore powders that could get the job done.

4. Gloss bomb universal lip luminizer

This gloss is actually so deceiving because in the packaging it looks like a rose gold glitter but when applied it is a clear gloss. What I like about it is it taste like strawberries and does not feel sticky at all. It isn't a necessity because there are plenty of clear glosses out there save your money 💰.

5. Match stick trio in the shade bamboo, mocha, and trippin'

When I apply these the formula gets a little dry and is hard to blend out but what I do like is that they are full coverage. The highlight is very pretty but I prefer the powder highlight... I was going to get two single sticks but the trio is $54 and the single is $25 so you would be better off just getting the trio.

Personally I wouldn’t use the Mattestix as an all-over stick foundation

Monday, September 11 2017

Match Stix Trio in shade Light.

This includes shades in Linen, Amber (for contour), and Starstruck (for highlighting).

Personally I wouldn’t use the Mattestix as an all-over stick foundation, since the formula isn’t designed for that. It wouldn’t be so easy to spread. Instead I would use it to touch up on imperfections or as a contour highlight.