Femme Luxe Finery Reviews

Hugs all the right places

Monday, September 17 2018

Well that’s the holiday spam over with... time to show off the new tan! I’m a sucker for a midi dress these days and this Femme Luxe Finery black ribbed mini dress just hugs all the right places...! I’m thinking I need this in another colour now too!

Really made me feel comfortable

Monday, September 17 2018

As a mum I’m far from body confident but these cover ups really made me feel comfortable

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Need these trousers in every colour

Monday, September 17 2018

Ok I need these trousers in every colour 😩 already know I’m going to be wearing them on 99% of nights out back at uni 🙃

I am really happy with this one

Sunday, September 16 2018

The Femme Luxe Finery jumpers turned out so well. I was not so sure about this one. I love the mustard colour, however, it is quite short but it looks so good with high waist skirts. I am really happy with this one too ❤️

Made me feel confident in my body

Sunday, September 16 2018

About last night... I’m still a little tipsy but I was living my best life thanks to Femme Luxe Finery for this gorgeous dress, it made me feel confident in my body for the first time in a long time

The most comfortable pair of bottoms

Sunday, September 16 2018

Black Pleated Wide Leg Trousers from Femme Luxe Finery are the most comfortable pair of bottoms everrr.

Curves you didn't know you had

Sunday, September 16 2018

Get you a dress that gives you curves you didn't know you had. Thank you to all to the donuts 🙌🏽

Thank you so much

Sunday, September 16 2018

Loving this off the shoulder sweater from @femmeluxefinery thank you so much.

Love this jumper

Saturday, September 15 2018

Love this jumper from Femme Luxe Finery. I never thought red would be my colour but I think this suits me quite well.

It’s so comfy!

Thursday, September 13 2018

Husband says he likes my Bruce Lee inspired outfit. I like it too cuz it’s so comfy!