The original all-in-one plushy + hoodie for little ones.

Cubcoats Reviews

A total pace saver while packing for a Disney day

Thursday, April 11 2019

These Cubcoats are the best two in one wear and play sweaters ever! A total pace saver while packing for a Disney day or on any adventure

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SUPER comfy and amazing quality

Sunday, March 17 2019

I’m here to tell you why we love Cubcoats! First of all, SUPER comfy and amazing quality! I was so surprised at the quality of these when they came! I have no doubt that they’ll last for years to come!

Secondly, the Plush feature! Even if we’re not buying plushies in the parks, we always at least pack one for the day to keep the boys happy! I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE how easy this is to roll out into a hoodie and back into a nap buddy in less than a minute to save on the amount of gear we pack for the day!

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They are so cute and soft

Thursday, March 14 2019

My cuties simply love these jackets from Cubcoats and really, who can blame them? They are so cute and soft.

The cutest little piece in Isabella’s closet at the moment

Tuesday, March 5 2019

The buddy that will always have your back!

Seriously the cutest little piece in Isabella’s closet at the moment! Kali the kitty is perfection, it’s not only a soft & cuddly stuffed animal for Isabella to play with during travel, at home, in her crib but it will also serve a greater purpose in keeping her warm on those chilly Florida days! It can also serve as a pillow because it’s so comfy!

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Minnie hoodie for Isabella! If she loved Kali I can only imagine how she will be with Minnie! Thanks Cubcoats for this unique product!