Blue Lagoon Iceland
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Blue Lagoon Iceland Reviews

The water was calming & relaxing

Friday, March 15 2019

I was hesitant to book a spot at the Blue Lagoon Iceland. It’s a tourist hot spot & I was worried it would be overcrowded and not worth the high ticket prices.

I was so wrong. It may be popular but it was so worth it. The water was calming & relaxing, the face masks made my skin feel incredible, and the views were amazing.

If you’re hesitant to do something in a country, just do it. Let yourself experience it. You never know what joy may come from it. 😍

The relief they feel from these special waters

Wednesday, March 6 2019

I’m sure that you know that you can go swimming at the Blue Lagoon Iceland but did you know that it’s an incredible source of healing for people with psoriasis? ⁣⠀


The geothermal water in the Blue Lagoon is an incredible resource and people from around the world come for not only the bucket list experience but the relief they feel from these special waters.⁣⠀ .⁣⠀


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