Big Life Journal
Big Life Journal is a journal for children ages 6-11. It helps your kids develop growth mindset, perseverance, life-long learning, gratitude, and much more.

Big Life Journal Reviews

It's so inspiring

Wednesday, March 27 2019

My two eldest and I have started our Big Life Journal journeys and we have been having really great bonding sessions after the tiny ones go to sleep with some amazing conversations. I am loving the content of the book so far, it's really helping my girls and me, as their journal "partner", to dig deep and give thought to how we want to grow and become the best women we can be.

I am loving the answers they're writing! Because the journals are private I'm encouraging them to be honest so they can get a true picture of who they are and what areas could benefit from their growth, but also what areas they can celebrate about themselves.

We love it! It's so inspiring! If you have kids who could benefit from thought provoking journaling, with the aim of building their self-esteem, problem solving, creativity, honesty, and growth mindset then I highly recommend you check out Big Life Journal. I'm so glad I did.

I couldn’t imagine life without it

Tuesday, March 26 2019

It’s a big life we live. That’s why we use the Big Life Journal. Presley and I sit down together once a week to encourage growth and the self-confidence to achieve our goals. It’s a connecting time for us. A time to plan and let go of the daily grind.

This weekly activity helps me learn more about my daughter’s ambitions, fears, hopes and we get to bond as mother and daughter. We do one chapter a week and I couldn’t imagine life without it!

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