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Be Fit Food Reviews

I’m feeling amazing and have so much more energy

Wednesday, September 5 2018

Today is the half way mark for my Be Fit Food Program. I lost 1kg this week which brings the total to 3.4kg for the two weeks which I am so happy with.

Quite honestly - it’s super easy. I’m feeling amazing and have so much more energy 🙌🏼

Thank you for showing me the way

Friday, July 6 2018

Clean eating distributes the right nutrients to the right places, for the exact energy your body needs. It’s like everything in your body has their own job, and you’re giving it the right tools. Without putting it in survival mode, but rather clearing it of its toxins and bad habits.

My mental health followed. I started working out again, a balance of yoga, pilates, boxing and interval training. I have now stabilised to my early college years weight, except toned, and curves at the right places.

I feel light, powerful, energised, motivated, and happy. From the Be Fit Food Be Rapid to the Be Lean program, here I am, a new wardrobe, many fitness practices, and a clarity of mind. Thank you for showing me the way.

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So easy and convenient

Sunday, June 17 2018

Drawing to an end of my first week of Be Fit Food 🙌🏼 The meals have honestly been a life saver this past week - so easy and convenient to pop a healthy, low carb meal in the microwave!

I haven’t stuck to the plan 100% because I have had so many events on this week, but the days that I did I felt amazing! Looking forward to giving it another go when I get back from Europe next month ✈️.

I have been feeling better than ever

Thursday, June 7 2018

Over the past few months I’ve been on a journey of regaining health and balance in my diet, restructuring it to function perfectly and it’s been working so well!

This journey has been made so easy thanks to Be Fit Food 💛! I’ve just got home from a busy morning, jumped in the shower, grabbed one of their a beautiful meals and straight back out for the day!

The Be Rapid program is designed for quick results and allows you to lose on average 5kgs in two weeks. It’s a reset and doesn’t need long-term commitment and I have been feeling better than ever.

We’re in a society that pushes fast and junk food, we forget the true nature of food, of its specifically allocated nutrients. Our bodies deserve to receive the best fuel in the market, and Be Fit Food is re-educating us and our belly, to receive only what we deserve to make us the most functioning humans 😍.

Making my life easier

Thursday, March 22 2018

Be Fit Food will be making my life easier for the next week 😍

Helped to get myself back on track

Saturday, February 3 2018

My be fit food journey has come to an end.

I lost my goal of 5kg in 11 days,I am under 60kg and I feel more like me again. Thanks to Be Fit Food Australia, I did the ‘be rapid’ program but there are others to select from.


Manage my food portions, reduce the carb intake, reduce the sugar intake, plan my week of eating, stay fit through a form of exercise, cut out my alcohol and no sugar in coffee plus fewer coffees.

How was my experience:

Day 1-3 major headache and grumpy.

Day 2 super hungry.

Day 6 allowed myself a couple of treats.

Day 7 back to it and no more headaches and adjusted the portions of food.

Day 11 super proud and I did it and I feel great.

Food: day 1 I was shocked at the portions so topped this up with a cup of broccoli and felt better. Taste was ok, soups good but as they recommend, season your food to enhance the flavours.

Microwaved eggs were a bit rubbery but had flavour....looking forward to home cooked scrambled eggs tomorrow.

Protein balls were super yum and the yoghurt chia pots for breakfast also good.

Doing this is a matter of strict control, commitment and then ongoing commitment to myself. My mind is in a much better place now and a lot of this journey was controlling my mind and thoughts.

I am really pleased I decided to do this and now have a new goal of continuing on to keep it real in my world. Need to buy more protein balls, so I can have my treat at night!

Thanks Be Fit Food, you have helped to get myself back on track and have taught me a lot. 😉