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Babe Lash Reviews

Babe Lash growth serum is seriously amazing

Friday, May 3 2019

Babe Lash growth serum is seriously amazing! Last year for some reason my lashes became thin, brittle, fell out and bent. My eyelids were sore and it was impossible to even put on mascara. I tried everything. Coconut oil, castor oil, leaving them alone and putting on absolutely no makeup. Nothing helped them get back to normal.

I had so many people recommend Babe Lash so I gave it a shot. What could it hurt? I only had like 5 real lashes at that point so I was already lookin crazy. I have been using it mostly every night for the past 2 months and these lashes are gorgeous! And natural! I’m so so so happy that they are back and better than ever!

My ultimate favorite product

Monday, March 25 2019

Babe Lash is my ultimate favorite product! If you have shorter lashes that you want to look like false lashes Everyday Babe Lash is for you!

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I have seen amazing results in my own lashes

Monday, March 18 2019

I've been using Babe Lash Eyelash Serum for a couple of months now and I have seen amazing results in my own lashes. Perfect product to pair with an eyelash lift.

This is the perfect product for anyone who has looked in the mirror and thought "I want better lashes". Which, let's be real, is everyone. It's easy to use and only needs application once every night.

My lashes are amazing now, thanks to them

Thursday, March 14 2019

I am obsessed with products from Babe Lash. The lash serum has really enhanced my natural lashes and the lash conditioning treatment keeps my lashes looking strong. They were falling out easily when they got so long, until I started using this! My lashes are amazing now, thanks to them.

They also have these moisturizing under eye gel patches and they feel so so soothing and they really do moisturize well. I have incredibly dry skin and putting these on before applying makeup has made a world of a difference.