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Every Way To Save Money At SHEIN – Tips, Tricks & Hacks to Save Online

SHEIN shopping hacks

If you haven’t heard all of the buzz about SHEIN, you might be living under a rock. SHEIN has taken over the fast fashion industry by selling low-priced and high-fashion items to people worldwide!

Although clothes on SHEIN are inexpensive, we’re always trying to save a little more money wherever we can. From coupon codes to referral discounts to free shipping, I almost won’t buy things if they aren’t on some sort of sale. Luckily, it seems like every day SHEIN has some new exciting discount to offer. 

In this article, I will lay out all of the tips and tricks you need to know to save money at SHEIN. There are more ways than you probably realize, but to get the most out of these SHEIN shopping hacks, you’ll want to use them in the correct order.

Subscribe to the Newsletter

This is one of the SHEIN savings hacks that is not so obvious at first. When you subscribe to their newsletter, you are given all of the latest news and special offers in your inbox. They send out emails daily that not only give you special email-only discounts, but they also keep you updated on what is trending and what clothing is in style for the season.

SHEIN signup discount

Additionally, when you sign up for the email list, you are given a 10% off as a new member discount.

Create an Account

After using the 10% off discount that you earned from subscribing to to SHEIN email updates, you can get several more discounts simply by creating an account.

SHEIN newsletter signup discount

Signup for Texts

Next, you’ll want to sign up for text alerts for another 10% off orders over $50. Remember, you can unsubscribe at any time after you’ve used the discount.

SHEIN text signup discount

And the easy to find discounts don’t stop there. Keep reading to find out how you can get another 10% off with the SHEIN app.

Download the App

Finally, downloading the app for your Android or iPhone gives you yet another 15% off coupon, as well as access to additional offers and promotions. It is also easy to navigate and is great for shopping!

SHEIN app discount

Inside the app, tap on the little profile icon in the right upper-hand corner to see your coupons. You can access these at any time and use them as long as they haven’t expired.

Check the Homepage for Coupons

SHEIN often publish coupon and discount codes right on the top of their homepage.

SHEIN homepage coupon codes

And even if you can’t find a coupon code on the homepage, it’s worth checking Wethrift’s SHEIN coupons page for a list of recent codes.

Shop the Sale Section First

Once you are on the website, head to the sale section. Here you will find some of the most incredible deals. From $2 dresses to 80% off shoes, you will find some fantastic deals on the sales page.

At the time of writing, they are having a Summer Sale starting at $2. Swimsuits are having a buy one get one 99% off sale. These sales change weekly, but they always have something.

Find Additional Sales in Homepage Ads

If you head to the homepage of SHEIN and scroll down, you will see an area with additional promotions. Look for the #SHEINSale area, where you will find even more discounted offers. There are sales spread all over the homepage, with additional pop-up sales on the side and more as you scroll. Finding deals on SHEIN is usually pretty easy!

SHEIN homepage promotion code

There is also a special offers banner ad across the top of the homepage screen, covering things from free shipping on any order to $10 off orders of $99 or more, etc. Scan the home page for flash sales and click on whatever sounds like the best money-saving option.

Start Earning Points

You can earn points to use towards future purchases on SHEIN. You start by verifying your email, which automatically awards you 100 points. You then receive 1 point for each dollar that you spend on purchases. You are rewarded with more points when you post reviews and pictures and sizing information on things you have purchased. 

Each comment is worth 5, each picture is worth 10, and each size information post is worth 2. You can receive up to 2000 points per day on commenting. You can get points for checking in, joining contests, and more. 

100 points equal $1 worth of shopping money. You can use points to cover up to 70% of your total purchase amount. Earning points can result in some serious savings over time!

Take Advantage of the Student Discount

SHEIN offers a 15% off student discount for all of your purchases. This is pretty awesome and you should take advantage of this if you are in school. You have to sign up at by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen and finding the Student Discount button. They will have you verify your student status with your official student email from the university. 

Shop Black Friday

Shopping Black Friday at SHEIN is a must! They have incredible deals that you won’t see at any other point during the year. Last year, for Black Friday 2020, they sent out an email offering deals up to 70% off site-wide. It included a discount code for an additional 20% off of already extremely discounted products. 

On top of that, it offered free standard shipping on all orders and the sale lasted for days, not just on Black Friday. If you have a cart full of things you want, waiting until Black Friday may save you a lot of money!

Frequently Asked Questions About SHEIN

Now that you are an expert on finding the best deals on SHEIN, I will answer some of the most commonly asked questions that I get about how SHEIN works and how to optimize your shopping experience.

How Long Does SHEIN Shipping Take?

Shipping takes around 2 weeks on average. Things get shipped from all over the world and can take weeks to get to you. Their shipping estimates are usually accurate when you go to check out. They also have an expedited shipping option which, at this point in time, costs $12.90 and can get it to you usually within 9 or 10 days. 

If you are looking to order an outfit for something specific, make sure to order it at least 3 weeks early to ensure that you get it in time. If you want to be extra safe, order it even earlier to ensure you have time for exchanges if the sizing or quality isn’t what you desired. 

Shipping is usually cheap with SHEIN. It is free with all orders in the United States over $50 and it is only $3.99 otherwise. It does change from country to country

How Do I Return Something to SHEIN?

Returns on SHEIN are surprisingly easy. You have 45 full days from when you receive the product to make a return. Your first return is completely free, and after that you have to cover return shipping or SHEIN will take a $7.99 shipping fee out of your refund. 

If you decide you have items to return, you log into your account on shipping and select the items that you want to return. They will send you a shipping label and you will use that to return your items for free or pay $7.99 for the shipping label.

Can I Shop at SHEIN With Afterpay?

You can pay on SHEIN with Afterpay. This is a way to pay that splits up your total into different payment installments and allows you to pay 4 times, every 2 weeks. 

It has no interest, no fees, and as long as you make your payments on time you will not have to pay anything extra other than what your items cost. This makes it easy to shop if you do not have the money right away, or you do not want to drop a large amount at one time. You can use this for orders up to $1000.

How do I Contact SHEIN Customer Service?

Contacting SHEIN customer service can be done by clicking on the Contact Us button on the bottom of the website. From there you can choose whether you have order issues, delivery, payments and promos, product and stock. These answers commonly ask questions that you might have.

If you can’t find an answer to your question then you can click on the Customer Service button where you will be added to a chat room with a customer service representative who can help walk you through any issues you might have.