Beerflation In The Premier League

The Premier League is well underway and with over 11 million people watching last season this year is looking to be the biggest yet. After the Lionesses win at the UEFA Women’s Euros we are excited to announce the Premier Leagues Beerflation, where we looked into the price of a pint from now and 10 years ago in the Premier League.

In the UK, the biggest things being talked about are the rising cost of living, inflation at its highest in 40 years, and the energy price cap has been raised. So we wanted to see how this was affecting the fans of the UK’s favourite sport. We got our analysts to research how much the change in the price of a pint at every premier league team this season and compare that data from the past decade to create The Premier League’s Beerflation.

Fans of Arsenal have experienced the biggest price increase in the past 10 years at the Emirates Stadium with an 81% increase from 2012’s £3.50. This season you’ll be paying an extra £2.85 for your pint at the Emirates Stadium, totalling £6.35. Coming in second for the highest price increase are Fulham, fans will be paying an extra 71% (£2.40) totalling £5.30. Wolverhampton supporters will be third if they want a pint, paying £5.00 for a pint compared to a decade ago when a pint was £3.20, a 56% increase, in real money that’s an extra £1.30.

Arsenal may have topped the Premier League’s Beerflation but some teams that are in the Prem weren’t 10 years ago, teams like West Ham United are charging the most for a pint this season at £7.30, that’s £3.21 above the season’s average pint price at £5.09. Arsenal were not far behind in the highest price, as mentioned before they care charting the second highest price at £6.35. The third and fourth spots are taken by Fulham and Leicester City with the same price of £5.80. 

Man United are charging the least this season at only £3.00. In fact they are the only team to have lowered their prices, a drop in price of 50p for a pint. Back in the 2012 season Chelsea won the premier league and were charging more than Man United at £4.20. That’s 20% more than Man United’s 2012 price and 40% more than their 2022 price.

Man United has been mentioned a lot so far but they aren’t the only team to not increase their pint prices. In fact, Liverpool has not changed their price, staying at £3.30 for the past 10 years. 

We know there’s more to watching football than enjoying a pint, but we hope this guide helps fans enjoy a game, without worrying about the rising costs of living and most importantly drink responsibly.