The Most Plus Size Inclusive Swimwear Brands

With warmer weather starting to make a long-awaited appearance, it may come to the attention of many people that they haven’t shopped for swimwear since the national lockdown began. With so many options available, it can seem like a minefield when choosing the right brand to not only represent your style, but your morals and eco-friendly interests too. 

A lot of swimwear brands are starting to expand their lines to offer more inclusive sizes than ever before – but which companies are going all-out to make sure everyone can feel comfortable on the beach this summer?

Our research team here at WeThrift has got you covered, scouring the internet to find the most inclusive swimwear brands that the UK and US have to offer. The study, completed as part of the Inclusive Index Campaign, focuses on exactly how many sizes certain brands offer, along with breaking down how plus-size-friendly they truly are. For example, what is the largest size that the brand offers? Are they really as diverse as they are claiming to be?

We have ranked each designer in a 15 brand seed list, from the most to least inclusive – so the hard work is all done for you, and you can focus on enjoying your summer. 

The UK’s Most Inclusive Swimwear brands

Inclusive Swimwear Brands in the UK

Taking into account the total number of plus-size options available, we were able to determine the most diverse swimwear brands in the UK

First up was online fast fashion retailer, the controversial Shein, with a stocking, yet  impressive 9,345 plus size swimwear pieces. Despite having the largest plus-size collection, Shein’s swimwear range only runs from a size 6 to a size 22, which is considerably low compared to ASOS, which runs up to a size 31 – making them worthy of their fourth place spot. 

In second place was British retailer Next, with 513 swimwear options available on their online store. Following closely behind in third place is Laura Ashley, with 509 options available. 

It seems that supermarket stores are making big strides to becoming inclusive, with the likes of George by Asda landing in a strong 11th place with a total of 99 plus-size pieces. The brand offers a swimwear range from a UK 6 up to a UK 30. Marks & Spencers followed in 12th place with a total of 94 pieces available. 

The US’ Most Inclusive Swimwear Brands

Inclusive Swimwear Brands in the US

We didn’t stop at just UK-based inclusive brands, but extended the research across the pond to the US. Taking a seed list of the most popular US fashion, we have highlighted the most diversified places to get your holiday gear from. 

In first place, we have Swimsuits For All. Established in 2004, the company prides itself on, as the name suggests, offering a range of fits and styles to make people of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable. The brand boasted 1,031 plus-size swimwear pieces, running from a size US 4 to a US 34. 

Online and catalog fashion realtor, Venus Swimwear followed closely behind with a collection of 1,004 plus-size pieces available. Fast fashion brand, Fashion Nova landed in third place. Despite being one of America’s leading online retailers, the brand only had 656 swimwear pieces tailored to plus size individuals, running from a size 0 to 28. 

Overall, Swimsuits For All was revealed to be the most inclusive brand to buy swimwear from in the US, while Shein topped the charts in the UK. While many companies still have a long way to go in terms of diversity and representation, it is refreshing to see that there are still many options for plus-size individuals as we enter the warmer months. 


Taking a seed list of popular fashion brands in the UK and US, we have uncovered the most size inclusive brands based on the number of plus-size pieces available on each website.