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Oh Polly Size Guide & Charts – Find Your Perfect Fit

Found the perfect dress at Oh Polly, but not sure which size you should order? Oh Polly are known for their form-fitting and contoured dresses, and even though many of their designs are quite stretchy, it can still be a little daunting choosing the right size. Since Oh Polly’s return policy isn’t the best, you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked the right size.

Don’t worry, this guide will help! We’ve examined Oh Polly’s size chart, converted it to every international size you could want, and examined what Oh Polly shoppers have to say about sizing up or down so that you can find the perfect fit with confidence.

Oh Polly size chart

Oh Polly products are sized in UK/AU sizes, so the best place to start to find the best fitting size at Oh Polly is with their size chart and your measurements.

UK/AU SizeBustWaistHips
480cm / 31.5″60cm / 23.6″88cm / 34.6″
684cm / 33″64cm / 25.2″92cm / 36.2″
888cm / 34.6″68cm / 26.8″96cm / 37.8″
1092cm / 36.2″72cm / 28.3″100cm / 39.4″
1296cm / 37.8″76cm / 30″104cm / 41″
14100cm / 39.4″80cm / 31.5″108cm / 42.5″
16104cm / 41″84cm / 33″112cm / 44″
18116cm / 46″101cm / 40″121cm/ 48″
Oh Polly size chart

Should you size up or size down at Oh Polly

Oh Polly dresses are usually run a little small, and since most of their designs have a very contoured form-fitting look, you’ll probably want to size up, especially if you don’t have a small chest, or you’re going for a more comfortable fit.

You don’t need to look further than comments from shoppers on social media and review sites to discover that Oh Polly designs run small.

Picking the perfect size at Oh Polly


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If you’re struggling to pick the perfect size at Oh Polly, we’d recommend searching TikTok for keywords like Oh Polly Size. You’ll find plenty of try on videos and reviews of Oh Polly clothes that will help give you a better idea about which size to buy.

Converting international sizes to UK/AU sizes

While we recommend starting with your measurements and using our Oh Polly size chart to find the correct size, you can also convert US or EU sizes to UK/AU sizing. Check the tables below to convert international sizes to UK/AU sizes for Oh Polly.

UK/AU SizeUS/CA SizeEU Size
Oh Polly international size conversion chart

Bo+Tee gym wear & Oh Polly swimwear size chart

You’ll need a separate size chart for Oh Polly swimwear, and their gym wear brand Bo+Tee. Use the chart below to convert your UK/AU, EU, OR US/CA size when shopping for swim and gym wear.

SizeUK/AU SizeEU SizeUS/CA Size
XS4 – 632 – 340 – 2
M10 – 1238 – 406 – 8
XL16 – 1844 – 4612 – 14
Bo+Tee gym wear and Oh Polly swimwear size chart

Oh Polly lingerie size chart

You may also need a separate size chart for converting some lingerie sizes from EU to UK/US sizes used by Oh Polly for some items.

Oh Polly lingerie size chart

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