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Does Ulta Sell Thrive Causemetics?

Does Ulta sell Thrive Causemetics

Ulta Beauty briefly stocked Thrive Causemetics in 2019, but suddenly stopped all sales shortly after. That’s right – Ulta Beauty doesn’t sell Thrive Causemetics anymore.

Although it is said that this partnership would not last and the primary objective was short-term cooperation for a certain period, it definitely caused a lot of frustration among Thrive Causemetics fans.

Why Doesn’t Ulta Sell Thrive Causemetics Anymore??

We certainly don’t have the information on why these two companies decided to end their collaboration, but all speculations and theories say that Thrive couldn’t keep up the demand from Ulta shoppers, and their distribution couldn’t keep up.

In December 2019 Ulta announced what would be a short-lived collaboration with Thrive Causemetics on their Facebook page.

It was a disappointment Thrive fans, but on the other hand, the collaboration was said to be short-lived, so maybe it wasn’t a serious one to begin with!

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What is Thrive Causemetics Exactly? 

Thrive Causemetics was born out of a story and a brilliant cause. Makeup artist Karissa Bodnar lost her dear friend Kristy to cancer when she was only 24 years old and found inspiration to launch Thrive Causemetics, a beauty brand that could strengthen women and make makeup a pleasure.

Thrive Causemetics aims to make women thrive and give back through donation to the causes of cancer, surviving domestic abuse, homelessness, and adjusting to life outside the uniform. The formula of these cosmetics is based on proven ingredients and without the use of parabens or sulfates.

Where Can I Buy Thrive Causemetics?

Currently, Thrive Causemetics products are sold almost exclusively on However, if you search hard enough, you can find some of their products for sale on other websites and marketplaces. After a quick search we were able to find:

Is It Worth Buying Thrive Causemetics?

Based on the opinions and ratings of many consumers, Thrive Causemetics are certainly worth buying. We noticed that buyers like it when cosmetics are clean, safe, vegan, and made for sensitive skin. They are easy to use and can last all day, which is a bonus.

What perhaps attracts people most to these cosmetics is the donations to great causes that empower women! Although many have lamented their prices, we should not forget that they are trying to support other women.