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Does Ulta Sell Supergoop?

Does Ulta sell Supergoop

Even though Ulta Beauty offers a variety of cosmetics, perfumes, nail products, body products as well as cosmetic tools, and hair care products, Ulta Beauty does not currently sell Supergoop. Although Ulta has stores worldwide, the brand has still decided not to sell Supergoop products.

Is there a reason why Ulta doesn’t sell Supergoop products?

Ulta Beauty has not specified why these products cannot find a place at Ulta, but people’s opinions have likely influenced their final decision not to include this product in their sales. It is important to remember that Ulta has never had a collaboration with this brand, so unknown disagreements are not the reason for the lack of collaboration.

Supergoop does not harm the skin and does not contain harmful chemicals like oxybenzone, and very few users of this product have negative experiences, however, we cannot yet find them under the Ulta brand. Will this change in the future? All we have to do is guess.

What is Supergoop?

Supergoop! creates skin, body, and cosmetics containing SPF. Their main goal is to use specific sun protection compositions to fight the skin damage. They’re what’s known as a “prestige” skincare brand, but dedicated 100% to suncare.

Where do I find and order Supergoop products? 

Supergoop products continue to be successfully sold in other places, and the fact that they are not part of the Ulta brand does not hold them back. You can find Supergoop for sale online at Cult Beauty, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Sephora, Dermstore, Kohl’s, and Amazon, as well as many other online stores and marketplaces.

Products Similar to Supergoop

Even though Ulta doesn’t sell Supergoop, you’ll still find plenty of prestige sun-care products for sale. Here are some of our top picks.

Kinship Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturizing Sunscreen Zinc Oxide SPF 32

Kinship Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturizing Sunscreen

$25 at Ulta Beauty

Despite containing Zinc Oxide which can leave a white cast, this prestige sunscreen provides SPF 32 protection, without leaving your skin feeling greasy. If you’re picky about your sunscreens, or you have blemish-prone skin, this sunscreen will keep your skin feeling light and protected.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral Tinted Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral Tinted Ultra Light Sunscreen

$36.99 at Ulta Beauty

This ultralight SPF 50 sunscreen providing a high level of sun protection without irritating sensitive skin. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral Tinted Ultra Light Sunscreen is a 100% mineral sunscreen with a light tint to provide a healthy looking glow.

MyChelle Sun Shield, SPF 28

MyChelle Sun Shield SPF 28

$22 at Ulta Beauty

Containing minerals and soothing aloe and vitamin E, this sunscreen is ideal to reduce sun-induced irritation. It has a lightweight daily protection function that is rapidly absorbed due to its smooth, clear, and opaque structure. GMOs, gluten, parabens, and petroleum phthalates, artificial fragrances, and colors are not used in the production of this product. It is also cruelty-free and vegan.

Is Supergoop worth buying? 

According to thousands of customer testimonials, Supergoop is certainly worth buying! The products are unique in their high concentration of SPF protection, which is most important for the skin, unlike other products. Supergoop! ensure that its products are vegan, reef-safe, and free of toxic chemicals and animal cruelty. They also give back to the community with the Once by Once program, which donates SPF to schools.

Supergoop products have packaging boxes that are recyclable and FSC certified.