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The Best MyProtein Clear Whey Flavor

If you were looking for recommendations about proteins to incorporate into your gym routine, we have the list that will help make your decision. Here, we will talk about the different flavors of the Clear Whey Protein of the brand MyProtein and discuss in detail each flavor. We will share with you why we like each of the flavors and what are the benefits. Now, let’s jump into the story about the best MyProtein Clear Whey flavors.

In this article we will cover:

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MyProtein Clear Whey Flavors

If you’re a big fan of MyProtein Clear Whey and all of its flavors, take a look at the ones we suggest that you should definitely try. All of the products, and the samples of MyProtein can be found on their official website at reasonable prices and seasonal discounts.

Best Ranked Flavors

If you’ll make your purchase decision based on best-ranked products, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered as well. These are the MyProtein Clear Whey products that you will love and that we chose specifically for your needs and taste.

Clear Whey Protein – Mojito

Clear Whey Protein - Mojito

The Mojito protein isolate is the perfect lime and mint fusion, without the rum! The protein shake is available in three flavors – Tropical Dragon Fruit, Lemonade, and Strawberry. The packaging of 500 grams contains natural and artificial flavoring, no milky texture or taste, and zero sugar. It takes the first place among customers due to the perfect taste and muscle gain speed. We love it as well because of its flavor!

Clear Whey Protein – Peach Tea

Clear Whey Protein - Peach Tea

This Peach Tea flavor is an award-winning, refreshingly juicy protein shake that will help your muscles grow. The key benefits from the protein are the fruity flavor, the low amount of sugar, the light and refreshing taste, and the low amount of calories per shake – 90, so that you feel light and fresh throughout the day. Customers love this flavor because they can easily mix it with water, it’s sweet and very refreshing. Another advantage of this protein is the fact that it’s low-calorie. This one is our favorite from this list!

Clear Whey Protein – Bitter Lemon

Clear Whey Protein - Bitter Lemon

The Bitter Lemon protein shake tastes just like lemonade! With just 1 scoop of the protein powder and 400 ml of water, you will get the needed recovery after your daily workout. It contains natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, and sucralose. The taste is juicier rather than milky and can be a great refresher for your body. An only con when buying this protein would be the bitter flavor it has due to its acidic content. But still, it’s worth a try!

Clear Whey Protein – Watermelon

Clear Whey Protein - Watermelon

The Watermelon flavor is low in sugar and suitable for daily consumption. It’s a Clear Whey protein isolate. We recommend mixing 1 scoop of the protein with 300 ml of water, letting the natural foam settle, allowing it to clear into a translucent protein drink, and finally – drinking it before or after your workout. This shake is the best dietary supplement, with a high content of proteins and a watermelon flavor, making it one of the best MyProtein Clear Whey flavors while taking 4th place in our ranking list.

Clear Whey Protein – Mango and Coconut

Clear Whey Protein - Mango and Coconut

This Mango and Coconut protein has a nice consistency, zero sugar, and no milky taste or texture. The ingredients in one serving include natural and artificial flavoring, sucralose, citric acid, and acesulfame K. This mango and coconut flavor can be used in your baking recipes as well so we recommend it to be part of your cuisine! Customers love the unique flavor and the possibility to use it in cooking.

Clear Whey Protein – Parma Violet

Clear Whey Protein - Parma Violet

If you like your protein shakes less concentrated and intense, then you can mix your scoop of the Parma Violet Swizzels Edition protein isolate with 600ml of water. The Parma Violet flavor is a unique floral flavor created off the parma violet. Customers are very pleased to recommend the Parma Violet flavor to anyone who wants to start the Clear Whey journey because the formula is easy to mix, has a great ratio of nutrition values and the taste is amazing.

Clear Whey Protein – Drumstick

Clear Whey Protein - Drumstick

The Drumstick flavor of this clear whey protein is light and refreshing and has no milky and texture or taste. It’s the perfect protein to satisfy your sweet craving and boost your energy. Each serving has 20 grams of protein and is very low in sugar. You will stay perfectly hydrated throughout your training and during the day!

Clear Whey Isolate – Yellow Ranger Flavor

Clear Whey Isolate - Yellow Ranger Flavor

The Clear Whey Isolate protein flavor is rich in six different flavors. This protein is a high-quality isolate that is limited edition and low in sugar. It is very light and refreshing and each serving contains 20g of protein. However, our favorite flavor is the Yellow Ranger flavor given its ingredients, fresh and hydrating lemon sherbet flavor and the nutrients each serving contains. We agree with a lot of customers that this is a product that tastes amazing. The only con here would be the smell of the product – it’s a bit strong and some people might not be able to handle it.

Clear Whey Protein – Lemonade

The Lemonade flavor of the clear whey MyProtein is a refreshing and juicy product that can boost your energy and it’s recommended to consume it after your workout. This product is created from a high-quality hydrolyzed whey protein that tastes amazing. We have it on our list because it’s very light, contains zero sugar and there is no milky texture or taste.

Is MyProtein Worth the Hype?

Definitely! All of their products are tested and widely used by a lot of customers. What makes the MyProtein products even better are the nutritional values they provide, the way they represent an energy booster and help in muscle growth and maintenance. We are convinced that you will find our short listings useful and helpful in your search for the perfect Clear Whey protein.