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The Best Glossier Cloud Paint For Every Skin Type

Glossier Cloud Paint

Choosing the right shade and consistency, ensuring your skin is being pampered with the products of the highest quality, mapping out where to apply, and putting on the final touches, can seem like a lot of work. But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

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Shades of Glossier Cloud Paint 

This easy-to-use makeup has become increasingly popular among fans of makeup. It comes in a small tube in six amazing shades that range from bright pink to peach. If you are having doubts and are having a hard time choosing the right shade for your skin tone, we will talk in-depth about the different shades here and which shade is suitable for a particular skin type.

Best Glossier Cloud Paint for Brown Skin

Glossier cloud paint Storm

Storm is a warm color that can look good on the brown skin type. The warmth it exudes when applied to the skin is appealing, and overall gives quite a natural look. The formula is ultra-blendable and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry that the product will wear away. The color is also known as a deep rose so it gives a peachy glow when applied, making it the best Glossier Cloud paint for brown skin. However, we do not recommend using it if your skin tone is olive because it will give a darker shade on your tone and will not blend properly!

Best Glossier Cloud Paint for Asian Skin

Glossier cloud paint Dawn

Dawn is better known as a sunny coral orange, and this Glossier Cloud paint will give a stunning look. When applied to the skin, it doesn’t look very heavy or like it’s caked on your face. On the contrary, it is a nice watery gel texture that still looks bright despite the coral hue. It is preferred for Asian skin tones. This is the best Glossier Cloud paint for Asian skin types because it makes the skin glow in all the right ways, the formula is spectacular and it’s extraordinary how pigmented the color is and the way it gives a vibrant look.

Best Glossier Cloud Paint for Indian Skin

Glossier cloud paint Beam

Nothing can go wrong with this Beam Glossier Paint shade. It gives a warm peachy look and is recommended for Indian skin types. It shapes the face and can be perfect in combination with a cat eye or nude lip. A tip from us – for achieving the best results, squeeze a tiny dot onto the finger, apply it gently with your fingertips, and blend the color on the skin.

Best Glossier Cloud Paint for Medium Skin

Glossier cloud paint Puff

If you are looking for something to brighten your skin, and thus brighten your day, Puff is the right shade color for you. It gives a refreshing look and can easily cover the dark circles under your eyes. Additionally, applying it to darker skin tones doesn’t make the skin ashy. Puff is considered as the best Glossier Cloud paint for medium skin types.

Glossier cloud paint Haze

Another recommendation is the Glossier shade Haze which is also known as a berry shade due to the deep, strong raspberry tone it provides when applied to the skin. It’s the most natural color from the entire color palette. An 80s style can easily be rocked with this eye-catching Glossier product. Similar natural-looking colors are becoming increasingly popular these days, so Haze should definitely be in your top three if you have a medium skin type.

Best Glossier Paint Color for Olive Skin Type

Glossier cloud paint Dusk

The best Glossier paint color for olive skin type is undoubtedly Dusk. It’s a rosy beige, close to a peachy nude tone that can be perfect to give your cheeks a very natural pop of color since it is very neutral when applied to the skin. This paint color can be used as a bronzer as well and can be applied on the cheeks, across the nose and on the eyelids, giving a sun-kissed glow. An extra tip from us: After applying Dusk, pop a more pigmented color to the cheeks – you can mix it with Haze for a more cheery look or you can apply Beam for a brighter look. You might want to avoid the color if your skin has a lighter tone!

Glossier Paint For The Lips

Glossier encourages its customers to use the creamy formula on the lips as well. It can be applied with the fingers to provide a glowing color. Chrissy Teigen debuted the brand at the Oscars in 2017, showing the quality of the best Glossier Cloud Paint. Its first intent was to be applicable on the cheeks, but since lip kit lippies can be used as eyeliners, anything can be possible, can’t it? It can give a sweet, simple stain and its packaging makes it even more appealing.

More about Glossier Cloud Paint

Glossier Cloud Paint is cruelty-free and its formula has become an aesthetic, an addicting obsession. The idea behind the packaging mimics little tubes of art paint that are easy to unscrew and transport, and look visually pleasing. This product was marketed with a big debut. 


A tube of Glossier Cloud Paint is $18 for 0.33 fl oz. You can go a long way with a single tube of the product because of its quality and of the very small amount that you need to apply.

Color Blending

The colors blend out smoothly, but you don’t need to apply it all in one layer. It is best to apply it in layers as it is a buildable product. The product aims to give a natural appearance as it is used to enhance the natural beauty of each customer. Thus, after our briefing, we hope we could help you choose the right color for your skin type!