Beerflation In The NFL

The NFL’s pre-season is in full swing and excitement for this season has nearly reached boiling point. With over 17 million people tuning in to watch football last season, we wanted to make sure that fans lucky enough to watch America’s favourite sport in person had enough cash in their wallets to enjoy a beer or two.

But with the cost of food and drink on the rise, how much do fans need to budget to ensure they can quench their thirst, and which teams are drinking in the profit? Our analysts have  researched how much a 16oz draft beer will cost this season and compared it to data from the past decade, to find out which teams and stadiums have introduced the highest levels of ‘beerflation’.

Fans of the Los Angeles Charges will experience the biggest change in prices when they visit the SoFi Stadium this season, thanks to an $8 increase in cost over the past 10 years. Supporters of the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants will also be feeling the pinch thanks to a price rise of $6.75 per 16oz beer.

Fans of the newly renamed Washinton Commanders will have to stump up the most cash for a drink when they visit the FedExField stadium this season, thanks to a hefty $14 charge per beer. This may be to try and recoup some of the lost profits from reportedly low ticket sales at a recent pre-season game, where some tickets were being sold for as low as a dollar.

The Los Angeles Chargers, the San Francisco 49ers and last season’s Super Bowl winners the Los Angeles Rams all share the second highest prices in the league, charging fans $13 a beer, a 37% increase on the 2022 season average of $9.46.

Surprisingly, we found that some teams had decided to buck the trend and reduce the cost of their drinks. The Atlanta Falcons, the Detroit Lions and the New York Jets will be charging fans just $5 for a 16oz draft beer –  47% lower than the NFL’s average.

Other teams have followed suit, with the Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons at the M&T Bank Stadium and the Mercedes Benz stadium respectively, reducing the price of their small beers by $2.

The Cincinnati Bengals offer the second cheapest beer in the league at $5.27, $7.73 cheaper than their Super Bowl LVI opponents the LA Rams.

We know there’s more to watching football than enjoying a cold beer, but we hope this guide helps fans enjoy a game, without worrying about additional costs.