A Note For Men – Do Not Gift Lingerie To A Woman

A Note For Men - Do Not Gift Lingerie To A Woman

With Valentine’s Day firmly in the rearview mirror, couples around the world will be turning their attention to  birthdays, anniversaries and this year’s Christmas and what to gift their significant other on those occasions. Whether you’re in a fresh relationship, or have been together for years, choosing the right presents for your partner will always have its unique challenges.

So, to help some of our customers out when it comes to the time old tradition of gift-giving, we surveyed women to find out which items are just not appreciated when they come wrapped up with a card.

We asked 2,500 women which gifts give them the biggest ‘ick’,  just as a quick bit of history, the term ‘ick’ is used to express ‘disgust at something unpleasant or offensive’, and was first used back in 1967*. Since then the term has been popularised by celebrities around the world, to indicate when an action or behaviour has put them off a romantic partner.

The top twenty ‘ick’ gifts, along with the percentage of respondents who selected them, are:

  1. Lingerie – 72%
  2. Teddy bear – 63%
  3. Framed photo of the gift giver – 57%
  4. Bath gift sets – 53%
  5. Cleaning products – 49%
  6. Candles – 41%
  7. Scarf – 40%
  8. Fragrances – 38%
  9. Monetary voucher – 33%
  10. Kitchen appliances – 31%
  11. Purse or clutch bag – 30%
  12. Headphones – 28%
  13. House plants – 25%
  14. Furniture – 24%
  15. Posters – 23%
  16. Gadgets/home tech – 21%
  17. Plates, bowls or cutlery – 18%
  18. Lamp – 14%
  19. Sunglasses – 13%
  20. Gloves – 10%

As part of our study, respondents were also asked when they most commonly received ‘ick’ gifts, and found that Valentine’s Day is the main culprit (sorry we’re a bit late to the party with that intel), with more than two thirds (68%) of respondents selecting the romantic celebration, followed by Christmas (29%).

When asked to rate their boyfriend, fiance or husband on their gift-giving ability, less than a third (32%) of women said they were good at choosing gifts for them. In fact, close to three quarters (73%) said they have to tell their significant other exactly what they want for gift receiving celebrations like birthdays and Christmas. Two fifths (41%) also admitted that they have had arguments about a gift with their partner in the past.

To continue our research into the worst gifts to give your partner, we want to hear about some of the icky gifts you’ve been on the receiving end of. So, if you’ve received an gift that gave you the ick, let us know what it was below:




In January 2022, WeThrift surveyed 2,500 women aged 18 years or above in heterosexual relationships on their opinions on the ickiest gifts.