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Anese Reviews

I’ve used these 6 times and the bumps are gone

Tuesday, April 30 2019

I was skeptical considering the amount of Instagram advertising going on. I ordered these with my brother and sis-in-law watching over my shoulder and we had a mighty few laughs over the advertising pics on the website. I definitely recommend ordering when you are alone in a room if you are more awkward about that type of thing.

I’ve suffered from chest and boob acne since I first hit puberty and it has been literal hell. I’ve used these 6 times and the bumps are gone! My skin is smooth and I could literally cry!

Anyway ordering a product and treating an area of your body that you usually just let do it’s own thing is such a nice change. If you are looking for good exfoliators and masks Anese has some good stuff!

This happens to be my third jar

Wednesday, April 17 2019

So, I’m already in love with Anese’s That Booty Tho scrub, and this happens to be my third jar. ✨

Those boobies tho: perfect scrub texture (creamy), beautiful light citrus scent, Calm your tits: goes on smooth, cooling, clears up any redness. You can’t go wrong with these babies for a spa day!

Springing into summer trying to look like a snack. Great work Anese’s so over to its enzyme mask 😁

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I really liked it and how the texture is so creamy

Friday, April 5 2019

I’ve been Anese fan since I used the first products I ever purchased which were the booty trio and now I’ve purchased all of their products except for the ones that have fruits in them (because I am allergic but I am not to coconuts though) and I love each and every one ☝️.

With this serum which I use not daily but few times per week I really liked it and how the texture is so creamy, really different than any serum that I’ve used, my skin definitely needed to moisturize and this serum did the trick.

I highly recommend trying these products

Thursday, March 28 2019

I seriously love the “That Booty Tho” booty scrub! The mask is certainly amazing as well! I highly recommend trying these products. You won’t be disappointed! I’m almost out of the booty scrub and I’m about to buy more!

It worked great

Saturday, March 16 2019

I am really a big fan of coconut oil so this scrub is perfect and taste good too! Yeah, I tasted it. It can also be used for body but I’ve used it for my lips and it worked great!

Everything about this mask it is perfect

Friday, March 15 2019

Everything about this mask it is perfect - the lavender color, the texture and how it feels after I rinse it off.